Screenwriting : Who here has a website? by Craig D Griffiths

Craig D Griffiths

Who here has a website?

I’ve have had many sites for many businesses over the years. I have decided to launch one for my writing and films.

I will be blogging there as well as showcasing work. Does anyone else have a presence other than social media.

I have decided on this path so I am not answerable to others. Facebook could shut my account or twitter ban me and all my effort is wasted. I can always post a link to social media if I feel the need.

After all you are who Google says you are.

If you are interested

Still rough. More interested in other efforts.

Jason Mirch

I think it's a really smart move! I have one and I treat it sort of like an robust online resume. It has past projects, and news articles, bio, etc. It's really helpful for introducing people to your work. Great idea!

Dan Guardino

I am thinking about getting one as well.

Adam Harper

I don't have one but I do plan on creating one in the near future - I just need to think about what content I want to include.

I think it's a good way to show your professionalism to others.

Peggy Papas

I also think this is a great idea - not only to showcase your work but to also showcase yourself as a creative brand. It is something I am going to focus on myself this year.

Craig D Griffiths

I have short films, some blogs and intend to put up free downloadable screenplays. It is a place to center my efforts that i own.

Plus i get a Email address which helps with brand building and looks more professional.. There is a post here about not trusting someone with a gmail.

Roman BRuni

my website gives me credibility with strangers...

it is not a quantity thing but a quality thing.

once in a while there is a real big situation from it

Dash Riprock

It took MONTHS to design it.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Joleene Moody

My website serves a dual purpose, and includes a blog. (Mostly geared toward content writing and ghostwriting, as that supports me on my journey.)

One side of the site is the actor/screenwriter side, the other is for ghostwriting/content writing. It has served me quite well. You're welcome to take a peek.

Tina Czarnota

I've a website for my books, film+ but it's not one I can add to regularly (w/out paying fairly large $). Was thinking of creating one where I can get in and update w/out paying big $. Thing is, I'm pressed for time to add material so it's on back burner. Like Roman states, right now it's quality over quantity.

Amy Connerley

I think it is a good idea to have one! It's important to a lot of people in the industry! I would consider adding a contact page and/or a link to any of your social media that you do use. So if people like your work, they can reach out to you! But it looks good so far!

Mine is and I update it all the time. Watch out though, it's kind of addicting to be constantly tweaking it! haha Good luck! :)

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Yes, I have one.

Craig D Griffiths

Tina Czarnota I run mine using Wordpress. Very simple to keep up to date.

Craig D Griffiths

Amy Connerley i clicked on your link and got a security warning that your site may scrap password etc. hope you haven’t been hacked.

Phil Clarke

Hi Craig. Yes. Here's mine. Come have a chat any time.

Amy Connerley

Craig D Griffiths OMG! It is because of the "s" on the "https://" hmm that's so weird. I will be looking into it more. Below that link will work! haha thank you for the heads up! :)

Philip Sedgwick

I find it helpful to have a place where people can find you without looking too hard! A strong online presence... IMDB, Stage32, landing site... helpful, if not critical.

Jason Mirch

Hi everyone, so I was asked in a private message exactly how I set up my website, so I thought I would respond here.

1) The first thing I did was find a domain registration site. I used but there are many others out there that you can access.

2) I searched for and then registered the domain that I wanted - in this case my name - and locked that down.

3) Once I had the domain locked down I still needed to actually BUIILD the website. You can either pay someone to do that for you or use the website builder tool to build it yourself. I chose to build it myself and maintain it myself since it is pretty simple - drag and drop tools and simple text box stuff - there's no complicated coding or whatever. Super user friendly.

4) Then you literally publish your website and boom you're up and running.

5) The thing to keep in mind is that it does cost money every year to maintain, but I just build that into the cost of me doing business in the same way that I get charged for a cell phone every month. It's a couple hundred bucks a year I think, but so worth it.

Hope that helps!

Frankie Gaddo

I got one. Fairly simple. It showcases my bio, short films, and loglines of my completed feature scripts. It's been pretty good to have to send to people I meet for them to see my body of work and get a good idea of my style.

Steve Cleary

I have one but I haven't updated it in ages :^} I more often direct people to my Script Revolution profile --

Stuart Wright

Here's my website ... It's place for details and all my latest podcasts that I've published

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