Screenwriting : Why would someone either famous or well accomplished want to be a network pal of mine? by Stephen Thor

Stephen Thor

Why would someone either famous or well accomplished want to be a network pal of mine?

Hello all:

I really don't mind getting network requests, but dang, some of them come from people that seem to have already "made it". They would have you think that they are on pare with or wrote "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" or 'Sunset Blvd" or something like that. Some advertise that they are producers, directors, etc. The only network requests I don't seem to get at any time is from an agent haha.

So why would such any such famous, accomplished person, or a rich, beautiful accomplished actress or similar want from me... an unknown, unproduced and (the worst of all) unrepresented spec screenwriter who has only managed to scrabble out a Nellis award as a credit? I am beginning to think that the poster who said something to the effect that they don't care what they list may be onto something.

Pamela Bolinder

Stephen: Get out of your own way! Don't make things complicated or over-think things. It's called networking! Connecting is a good thing. Go with it—you will see that building connections/relationships is integral to your success. =)

Christopher Poet

Stephen Thor Honestly man, I ask myself the same thing but keep in mind, even though people like you and are are by far, at the very bottom of everything, does not mean we have nothing to offer. I can't speak on behalf of all these established people, but if it were me, who knows. Maybe someone I connect with might have a great idea or something and just need a nudge in the right direction. Or better yet, their idea can benefit me.

In short, just because you are established or rich or succcessful, does not mean you can't or should not continue building that success. Its not common or popular, but us little people which nothing more to our name than an Idea can still help in that endevor. People know people. Even if they don't help you directly, they may know people who might be able too. The list of possibilities is endless and in some cases, doing a guys a favor can get you something in return.

That, or they just want to look cool with over 100k+ contacts on their list...not sure how that helps them in the long run if they are not actively speaking with those people but hay, its really up to them.

Phil Parker

I think this is another one of Stephen's piss-take posts, yes? ;-)

Pamela Bolinder

Stephen: Your feelings and thoughts Christopher Poet validated. Feelings are important because how do you know what they are unless it's stated. I'm glad you are on Stage 32. I KNOW you have positive things to contribute. Christopher: No one is better than another person. No one is established. No one is at the top or the bottom. We are all working out our weaknesses. How many contacts you have is based on how long you have been on Stage 32 and (I think) if they like your posts. I have not interacted with everyone who has joined my network; however, I have responded to everyone that has sent me a message. I have interacted with a handful of talented writers that have impacted my life and my writing career for the good! Owen's right, in that you should delete the post. There are people that watch the threads or have others watch the threads that could advance your career. They look at your writing abilities and your personality type. There are some here who are of the opinion that you should not delete posts. I advocate that you should do whatever you feel is best for you and your career. Have I made posts that I wished I had not made? You bet. I deleted those. Best wishes for your success. I want your dreams to come true! Separately, each person must shine on their own merit. You can not ride in the sunlight of another's success and call that your success.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Why, you ask? Because from the top half of your face, I can see that you have stunning blue eyes. In my ‘umble opinion, you sort of look like you’re a combination of Peter O' Toole and Rhys Ifans. Or perhaps it's your rapier wit that's akin to a modern day Oscar Wilde. Whatever it is, call it an “it Factor” or Charisma, you got it, kid.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Catfish? Lol! Although some famous people do have 'their people' manage their social media and public relations for them. Maybe you were contacted by proxy? ;)

Stephen Thor

Phil Parker, if you could explain to me what your expression of what you think my post is one of my "piss-take posts" means, , It would be helpful as I am not familiar with that expression.. It seems that an expression such as that is negative or I am just naïve.. If this is some kind of insult or trolling on your part, you do not have to respond as such things usually go downhill from there and that is something simply not in my nature and has no place here in my opinion plus my skin in pretty thick. in any case, of course if anyone else has anything to add please do but I feel that thru your posts I now understand a lot better and I thank you all.... Stephen Thor

Christopher Poet

Pamela Bolinder With all due respect I am not only speaking only in terms of Stage 32 and yea, there are people far more established or experienced than I am or others. I am not saying anyone is better than anybody. I had that small beef with another guy on here already awhile back because he made a statement that suggested he was down-talking less experienced people. Personally I have never been one to say or believe anyone is better than anybody and I never will.

However, it is a matter of fact and reality that prior to me joining the Film Community, others have been here long before me. Some, for many years. They have either gone through their lives building their career or still are and are just ahead of where I currently stand. I am not saying they are better than me or anyone else here, but they are more established in the sense they have a wider range of experience, contacts, and knowledge that I do not yet possess. To deny that is, quite honestly, naive. After all, one of the best ways to learn a craft is through the advise and experiences of others who have already been through what you or I may only just be starting.

I mean you no offence mate and I am not looking to start and argument, but honestly, its a simple fact of reality and ignoring it is, well, as I said naive. In any case, I stand by what I said, even if you disagree. I mean no offence by any of it and if you are then I apologize, but I am not changing my stance.

Cherie Grant

OMG Phillip, I was thinking Rhys Ifans when I saw that photo too, haha.

Gustavo Freitas

Well, Stephen, your last name is Thor. I guess the logical explanation is that people think you’re one of the Avengers.

Pamela Bolinder

Christopher: Thank you for clearing that up. No need for an apology. Best to you. =)

Stephen Thor

The sun was in my eyes when that photo was taken, it would have the same affect on anybody here.. That is my real last name, it had been longer when my long-past relatives migrated to the USA and decided to shorten it to sound more American. No, I am not one of the Avengers, I never saw that movie or any of it's sequels if it has any, but I do think that people would be at least as interested in the first fully live-action movie about the Roadrunner and Wile, because it is my belief that it would be at least as good as Spiderman 6, Ironman 8, Transformers 5 or whatever their sequels are up to by now.

The animated cartoon movie that appears to back on track "Wile E. Coyote vs. Acme" has been on the burner for at least 2 years now but back then I think there were different names associated with the making of it, so there must have been some back and forth on it. I saw a piece regarding "Secondhand Lions" in which there was some disagreement or whatever and the option for it was given back to the writer(s). I think the story is on youtube.

Then it was either optioned or bought back by some other company if I recall the situation somewhat right. That would have been a shame not to see it with two of my favorite stars in it. The shame tho is that several really great scenes were deleted, as one scene in "Dead Man" was, the deleted scene shows how that talkative gunslinger got killed. Funny, Johnny Depp was in it and not many people seem to have heard of it, it is fantastic imo.

Still don't know if Phil Parker was insulting me, but that is ok, but if anyone else wants to tell me what that expression means, please do. I love just about everyone who loves me, have been thru more shit than 90% of the population and there is little room in my heart now for hostility or hate. I don't twitter or facebook either bc of the drama except I do have a f.b. page for my script and 3 twitters on my website that have been there for a long time now.

I have a hard time dealing with big ego types and I feel a real man (or woman) does not have to put others down in a failed attempt to build themselves up, nor do I really look up much to anyone who gets a little authority (or fame for that matter) and turns into a superior (in their minds), altho I am not sure how I feel about short people OK JUST KIDDING! Ok, sorry, I have a tendency to go on and on...

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy


I know, right?

Cherie Grant

Thor, relax. You just happen to look like someone famous in that photo. That is all. I certainly wasn't insulting you and I don't think Phil was either. I wish someone would say I look like Scarlett Johansson.

Doug Nelson

Stephen; I don't understand your question. I've been around nearly three quarters of a century and during that time, I've rubbed shoulders with an awful lot of folks; from everyday workin' folk up through royalty - but we're all just Homo Sapiens of the same tribe. I know not of those who've already 'made it' - can you explain who 'they' are?

Craig D Griffiths

Stephen, you are a 100% correct, they aren’t interested in you. They are interested in what you can produce. If you can’t produce a marketable product you have a really satisfying hobby.

Victor Titimas

If a famous movie director or actor would even look in my direction... I'd run like hell! :) Too shy for this stuff, sorry..

Stephen Thor

Cherie, I was not insulted in the least, I took it as some kind of compliment. And thank to Erik and others for the term explanation and other viewpoints.

Disclaimer: the following may be very disturbing to others to read. It is not a happy story and it certainly does not have a happy ending. Life is not the kind of movies that I enjoy, where the ending is good, the bad guy gets defeated and also eliminated in a spectacular way and the hero triumphs and gets the girl to boot. Nol life is not always like that, for those in real life who have had a happier path I am truly happy for them. To just click off now would be best for just about everyone and I thank you all for your comments. until the next time... Stephen Thor

for the rest of you, you may end up either hating me, thinking that I am insane or worse, or take pity upon me and you may all be right to feel or think so. I ask not nor want any of that. I -am a big boy and no woe-is-me intended, as at the least I, along with all of you, have been given the gift, or, at the least, the chance of life nomatter how it turned or turns out. So many others have not even had this chance or were waylaid and it is for them that my grief goes out to the most.

In his great song, Elton John had the words "Some of us fall by the wayside, some of us soar to the stars, some of us said thru our troubles and some of us have to live with the scars". (I actually saw him in concert in Fresno, CA). Suffice to say that truer words were perhaps were never spoken in that way.

I do not like talking about myself and altho my road has been very dark, there are many others who have taken an even more deadly and dangerous path, of which only a few survived in both body and spirit if at all. I will take this opportunity to explain only some of it here, this one time only. I have not included everything in my bio because it is of no good to do so for anyone. I do not speak of it to others in person, ever. I have killed and the pain of that haunts me every day. I have also spared others, of which one of whom I should not have, as he had later murdered an innocent person in such a horrible way that I will not tell how. I have seen and worked on literally hundreds of dead bodies and shared the pain and sometimes the tears of t and their relatives, as many were suicides. During the end, a woman down the street from me blew the back of her head off with a black powder .44 magnum pistol. I scraped her brains off of the wall so that her very sad family would not have to. I have had to inform parents of the deaths of their children and I have been alone up to my feet in blood and piss and human misery. I was unable to stay with this and more as I felt my lifeforce slowly slipping away.

A week later on a very dark night in the mountains where I live, my dog, who was my child and best friend, was dragged away 50 yards away from me by a mountain lion and I could hear his screams as he was being taken away. He was begging for me to save him but I could not and I never found his body.

It was then that I decided to check out of the comings and goings of what could be considered by many as an ordinary life. I quit my job and much of my life. Unfortunately, before this, events transpired which laid the grounds to a pointless life at several times, altho I always before seemed to recover to truly live another day. One of which that I will mention is when I was in a non-combat role in Vietnam during operation frequent wind. We had left so many of our brothers dead on the battlefield, never to have a chance to live, for better or worse. And still the incompetence of our leaders did not stop there. There was no realistic exit plan for our thousands of friends there, who we promised to save from the dreaded north, who murdered not only our friends but their families to boot. War in most cases has been shown to be necessary but that one I simply don't know.

Of course my marriage failed. I did all the right things... never cheated, lied or beat or abused, I loved and provided, thought I was doing all the right things but I ended up being wrong on that too. I had to be.

after all of this mess and more of which I will not speak of, I checked out of my home and moved far away. It was during this time that I became determined to tell of a live action story never told before, something sad and happy at the end I have written much else, but that was the story I really wanted to tell, as nobody had seemed to bother with it before or since, unless it was animated, such as the current offering in the making is to be Maybe it is good, maybe it sucks. Nellis thought it was ok. But the point is that I felt I had to write about something good and positive in the end and I hope I did well, altho I am sure that others could tell the tale much better. I hope that someone does.

And I hope that ALL of you do well. One quality in Wile E. Coyote's character IS THAT HE NEVER GAVE UP!. It was simply not in his nature. But pity the poor creature if in fact he ever did catch the Roadrunner. What would his goal or life or purpose be then? Could the same apply to some of the rest of us perhaps in some sort of way? Where is the goal line? Where is the hero? Where is the love? What about after all of it no matter how shattered or successful one may become? Well, I always say that you can be as miserable or happy with money than without it haha.

In whatever ways our lives turn, I implore the rest of you to be like Wile... do not ever give up. You just might make it if the right combinations of luck, hard work and opportunity comes your way. I wish all of you the best and I sincerely mean that. For those who think it is too late for them or have given up, just try just ONE MORE TIME to get out of bed and write your heart and to hell with it ever makes it or not (hopefully it does and obviously this is why we are all here). The point is to at least try your best to make it happen. Now, following one's own advice, good or bad, can be a different thing altogether...

Best of luck and a sincere hope of the massive gift of love to each and every one of you.

Stephen Thor

Pamela Bolinder

If you want to appeal to the masses—consider happy endings. That said, there are successful movies that have dark endings—but, not many.

Pamela Bolinder

Stephen, I'm still thinking about you and your most recent post...

First, and I do apologize, I forgot to thank you for your service. I appreciate the freedoms I enjoy!

Now to your recent post. Do yourself a favor—copy/paste, put it on a separate paper. Highlight in yellow the comments that refer to your past.



"I have killed'

"a woman down the street from me blew the back of her head off"

"my dog..."

"many of our brothers dead on the battlefield"

The "incompetence of our leaders"

"Marriage failed" *interesting to me that was lower on your list.

(There are more.)

My guess is that you may habitually live/think in the past. This is the "getting in your way" part. The past, good or bad, is just that. It does not have to color/shape your today! There is transformative POWER in our thoughts, words (what you speak and write), and actions.

Dwelling on the past prevents you from creating that happy ending you want now and for the future. I know you want it.

Next, consider changing your bio to reflect a professional writer. Write yourself into the life you want to have today and tomorrow. Don't forget to give back.

Phil Parker

Stephen Thor - it seems I misread your intentions with this post. My bad. Sometimes it's hard to tell what the true tone of voice is in a post/email/txt message. I apologize.

William Gunn

Stephen, how about 'The Treasure of Sunset Boulevard'. Good title, you think?

Bill Costantini

Like the Man in Black sang, "Drive On -" which I'm sure you've been doing, and will continue to do. I still say you're really Iggy Pop, though. Heh-heh.

Stephen Thor

Thank all of you for your replies, no need to apologize Phil if no harm was meant. With that being said, some people ARE idiots and should be called out on it, offensive or not, because if left alone they will not be able to reflect and change their position if warranted. It takes a big man to admit they were wrong... I am not a big man. haha (ok, I stole that line). Some people are offended by anything they think is negative about them. I was merely wanting to understand the term and I do not see it as offensive to me personally. In any case, if a writer, especially a beginner, does not have a thick skin or accept rejections with a shrug, then they are doomed.. Pamala, I appreciate your comments. script does have a happy ending altho it seems in the story it is going to be anything but happy, so I guess it could be described as a "surprise" happy ending. Bill, the Treasure of Sunset blvd, that is funny. What I mostly enjoyed about the Treasure was the way the writer transformed Bogart from a generous, well intended person into a complete stinker. It was very well done. Regarding the tone of other comments, they are correct, as suspectedI do have a tendency to live in the past. I simply cannot seem to forgive myself for anything, especially if others were harmed or I think others may have been harmed.. In case some of you have not guessed, I did break. I tried to imply that but many folks are broken and I tried to imply that being broken, clinically depressed, or one feeling like a failure is not the end. (btw, I was never committed to an institution, voluntarily or involuntarily haha). I thank those of you who sent personal messages. Ok, as I had said I truly do not like to talk about myself but I felt those on this thread deserved to know, but I will not repeat it again here again. So, with that being said, if we could end this thread I would appreciate it very much, as my openness could be construed as this thread being "all about me". I very rarely open up and I do not think now that I had a right to impose any of it on you people (God, I hate that "you people") term. So thank you all for your comments and intentions, try to take away the positive things I did say if considered valid, and ignore or forget the rest, as we all have problems and I do not wish to add to any misery but give a sense of positiveness which is easily overlooked in my messages. So message me personally if you like, I would be delighted at that, but lets end this thread with my thanks and appreciation. (Notice I did not use the often insincere or standard "thoughts and prayers" bit haha). I do have a hell of a sense of humor and I have managed to screw myself sometimes on that. Goodbye for now...Stephen Thor

William Gunn

I'm glad you like my little "meme". Here's another- 'Revenge is a Dish Best Served With Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti'.

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