Screenwriting : Why you need a library by Craig D Griffiths

Craig D Griffiths

Why you need a library

Let’s take a look at making a film in a very simple way.

We can reduce a film into three items.

1) A script

2) Talent

3) A hunger from the audience.

If these three align you can get a film made. So why do you need to develop a library? Your script is a constant while the other two are not. Your script will not align with all the possible combinations.  So the more scripts there are in your library the more options and possibilities you have.  If you have two scripts you have two chances (or more) that will align with the other options.

Writing more scripts makes you a better writer.  If you only have one script keep writing till you have a library.

I know this isn’t a question. I hope it helps.

Phil Parker

What's a "hanger from the audience"?

Craig D Griffiths

Dam. Working from my phone without my glasses. Hunger

Imo Wimana Chadband

I agree with this, Craig. Banking on one script to get you through the door, while not impossible, makes it more difficult. A quote I've seen stated here a lot that I agree with, "you're not selling your script, you're selling yourself as a writer.' If you can show you're a long term investment, and can keep scripts coming, the better for you. And it definitely improves your writing, I know it did so for me.

CJ Walley

As I've written in a recent article, I feel all writers trying to break-in should have at least one low-budget high-concept action-thriller that feels glamorous in their portfolio. This is the kind of script most likely to catch the attention of an indie producer and prove you can write a profitable movie.

Rutger Oosterhoff

... I agree, but Isn't a low-budget high concept a contradiction CJ? Very hard to pull off.

But my mistake could be with High concept I tend to think about big action movies...

CJ Walley

In the past, certainly. High-concept originated around the idea of blockbuster spectacle. However, with filmmaking as it is now, a lot more is within reach. Think of it as just being highly commercial as in being generically appealing to a modern audience but keeping the execution within the remit of almost all production companies. I agree that it's easier said than done but we can all tune ourselves in to the marketplace a little better and train our brains to come up with these concepts.

Ramsey Anderson

Thnx CJ. I agree and almost done with my low budget exciting thriller. Best part for me is how it forces me to write great dialogue..

CJ Walley

Keep it snappy and all the more power to you, Ramsey.

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