Screenwriting : Will they talk about your script? by WL Wright

WL Wright

Will they talk about your script?

So screenwriters do you think if your script was produced would people talk about it after watching it? Why? I hope on one it's because they are re-thinking their bullshit on how they act.

Ismael Judá Moraes Reis Dias

I think so, every single detail of my script is well thought and detailed. I made a lot of research, questions, studies, proof readings and humbleness of hearing suggestions for years. Making it with the intent to not only be a great movie, but unique yet not boring in its own way. This is one of the lesser reasons I believe it, but also, mostly the story and the nature of the story.

Craig D Griffiths

I believe it happens with my work because I start with a question (not in the script, but as a theme) that can be answer either in the affirmative or in the negative. Both are valid and I look at both in the story. Does the ends justify the means?

That is me. I know I discuss stories that intrigued me, or surprised me or had an emotional effect on me.

I think whatever lever a writer is try to pull, they must lean into it. Don’t be scared. You can’t be too scary, too funny, too challenging.

Julian Martin

If my comedy inspired renewed interest in the genius of the Marx Brothers I’d be deeply satisfied.

Doug Nelson

Who do you mean by "they"? I must assume you mean the audience. The audience doesn't see/read your script - they only see the finished movie so 'they' certainly can't talk about your script. There will be conversation about the Director's/Actor's performance and maybe some talk about the Movie (theme, undertone, characterization, plot...) but there will be little/no discussion about the script.

James Welday

I try to pose a question or a moral in my scripts that allows the audience to walk away thinking what they would do in said situation. I always try to see my work through an audience's eyes.

William Martell

Nobody ever talks about a screenwriter in a review unless it's to blame them for something... which was a change they fought against.

This is not the job for someone looking for fame,

Hey: Make a list of your ten favorite movies.

Now - without looking them up - list the screenwriters for each film.

If screenwriters don't know who screenwriters are, why would anyone else?

WL Wright

Geez Doug seriously? I mean sounds very defeatist to me as if your story carried no weight. Every story that ends up in a movie starts with a script that a writer wrote. Some others might have polished it or added or whatever but like Millius said, "I am the Yetti!".

CJ Walley

From what I've seen, comments on the quality of a movie's writing comes up a lot but it's rarely targeted at a specific person. If you have any sort of profile within the writing scene, people will be keen to see the scripts for the movies you've had produced. On the last movie I saw released, signed copies of the script were given away to fans as launch party prizes.

Barry John Terblanche

Hi WL. I'm with Doug on his comment - Maybe if you give more clarification re- your post?

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, WL. Do you mean does it (the story) stay with audiences? Does it cause an audience to think or re-think about an issue or event or theme or themselves and/or their lives? For me, absolutely, that’s something I think about and consider. If a film (script to screen) stays with me for a few days, and I mull over it, that is great storytelling and great, entertaining cinema. Something every creative should strive for, no? ;)

Doug Nelson

WL, not defeatist, just realist in the everyday movie going audience world.

Craig D Griffiths

Doug Nelson you are splitting hairs. They are talking about the outcome of what starts as a script.

There is a restaurant I like that puts the area the base ingredients come from on the menu (Junee Lamb).. Unimportant to most, but important to people who care. But the people that don’t realise the significance also know you can’t make a steak from a dog turd. So when they talk about the steak they are in fact discussing the entire process from selective breeding to the sauce.

Artisan James

I think so... due to how scary it reads... (referring to my original horror spec) I have a lot of intrigue right now just when it comes to the title itself and I have yet to even reveal an official logline or premise to the piece... and although it's an all new concept x the genre, it's also a callback to the slashers of the old... and even Universal's classic monsters... as I want to deliver to horror fans/ movie fans something completely fresh and ambitious that also introduces a new kind of horror villain! I believe that what I wrote, if turned into a movie, could easily hold it's own against any of these current remakes we are getting and more if made and marketed correctly/ cleverly... it's a really versatile concept as well (meaning it could be a comic, a novella...) and has insane sequel/ new franchise potential... See my 2 minute teaser that I made to this particular project now @ > ...Don't miss it. AJ

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