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Phil Parker

World Series of Screenwriting

Just found out my spec script 'The Third Bomb' has won 2nd place in the Action/ Adventure category of the World Series of Screenwriting Competition. Kinda cool :-)

Danny Souris

Better than Cool OUT OF SIGHT!!!

Phil Parker

Cheers mate!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn


Chris Herden

Well done Phillip...

Phil Parker

Thank you Sylvia, Chris and Kathryn! I had a great pitch prep with Joey today too. Pitching on the weekend :-o Fingers crossed.

Shawn Speake


Philip Sedgwick


Phil Parker

Thanks so much Shawn and Philip. Apparently I reached the top 3 of the West Field Awards as well and didn't even know it! Doing a little happy dance today :-) Gotta celebrate the positives when they happen in this biz right? Good luck to you too Kathryn!! Let me know how you go on the weekend.

Jeremy Kriss

Congrats. Keep the streak alive.

Jason T. Gaffney

Congrats! That is awesome news!

Steve Lareau

Congratulation Phillip, hard work and dedication always pays out in the end ;-)

Anthony Cawood

Congrats, great job!

Alexander Liquori

congrats! I was a finalist in the drama section!

Phil Parker

Thanks Benjamin, Jeremy, Jason, Steve, Anthony and congratulations to you, too Alexander! Thanks everyone for your support and kind words. I'm thrilled to have found such a great community as we have here on Stage 32. If you ever have any questions please feel free to message me. Peace.

Sharon Agina

Thank you for the friendship.

Jo-Ann Hess

Awesome news, Congrats!

David C C Erickson

You didn't bomb - Congratulations!

Stanford Wheeler Crane Jr.

What's the logline? Congrats!

CK Steefel


Janet Biery

Proud and happy for you. Wishing you all the success in the world.

David Ennocenti

Congrats. Good job.

Phil Parker

Standford- you asked about the logline? This is it-"In the final days of WWII, when a top US pilot crash-lands in Japanese territory, he must stop an ambitious enemy commander from capturing his secret cargo- the third atomic bomb." That's the high concept version.

Janet Biery

Wow, that sounds high concept all right.

Sheena Reyes

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