Screenwriting : Would anyone recommend the likes of Inktip or Blacklist? Thank you in advance by Del George

Would anyone recommend the likes of Inktip or Blacklist? Thank you in advance

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David Santo


The Inktip preferred newsletter is your best bet here.

Dan MaxXx

If you can afford the monthly fees and your scripts are absolutely tight (no more revisions), sure why not?

BL evals are worthless but the goal is to be on their mailing list for ppl looking for scripts. (Theory).

Maurice Vaughan

I've only used the Blacklist once, Del George, so I can't speak on it much.

The InkTip preferred newsletter is great because it has a lot of script leads, and you can post your logline/synopsis/script on the site once you sign up for the newsletter. You can also post your short scripts for free even if you don't sign up for the newsletter.

I've gotten the most use out of the Open Writing Assignments in Stage 32's Writers' Room ( and Script Revolution though.

Dustin Richardson

I haven't used either before. Blacklist is pretty expensive.

Kai Martin

FWIW, I've had the most success with InkTip. I've had several script solicitations, and one script optioned through there. I'm sure others have had success with it, but my experience with the Blacklist is that it feels a little scammy.

Maurice Vaughan

Congratulations on the success, Kai Martin!

Ty Strange

@Del George, I received a free month on the Blacklist as part of a perk for a high screenplay contest placement, but forgot to pull my listing before they started billing me. I wasn't too impressed with the overall experience and bailed after two months.

Del George

Thank you everyone

Emily J

Hi Del George! Great question - and I'm obviously a little biased - BUT Blacklist is a charge to host each script monthly, which can add up quick and Dan is right that the scores play a significant role in executives being able to find your script (prior to Stage 32 I worked at several production companies and had a professional account to find material... actually, I probably still have it, I just haven't logged in in years so... there's that lol) and I was often being fed the same handful of scripts. I also think it's important to remember with places like InkTip that there is a Writers' Strike and in support of that you do have to be careful about who is reading your material and how, which is why Stage 32 is so open about our processes during this time, including the OWAs that Maurice mentioned. Hope this helped, but feel free to DM me or shoot me an email at if you have any other questions!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Del George.

Anthony Murphy

I think they are both a waste. Stage 32 is heads and shoulders over both of them, IMO

Craig D Griffiths

I was on Inktip years ago. Still get their emails. The leads from there are not huge quality. Plus there are a few repeat producers that say, “if you have submitted before, don’t submit again”. But it isn’t until you have started submitting that you know if you have seen them before. Inktip does feel a little cheap and the producers are in my world low indies.

Dan Guardino

Paying to submit a screenplay is like playing the lottery. You do have a chance but not a very good one.

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