Screenwriting : Would such sluglines be accepted? by Victor Titimas

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Victor Titimas

Would such sluglines be accepted?

I've noticed my screenwriting software is making wrong slug lines. Instead of INT., it features a dash. Example: " EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS" reads " EXT - STREET - CONTINUOUS". I found no way to correct this within the software and no way to edit the resulting .pdf files...:( Would a screenplay be rejected if it has such slug lines or is this a minor thing and to be overlooked, while other things are far more important about a script? Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this!:)

Anthony Moore

What software are you using? Most screenwriting software auto-set the slug lines correctly. If your software doesn't and it's really for screenwriting, check to see if some hidden formatting option is set incorrectly. Otherwise change software. If its a spec script and the story is compelling enough most would overlook it. But depending on the reader, some would say there is a lot of software out there that can handle formatting correctly, why aren't you using it and auto-trash it. It all depends on to whom you submit your work.

Cherie Grant

what software are you using?

Victor Titimas

The software is called Script Maker...

Robert Dan O'Neill

That´s bad Victor! Use FINAL DRAFT. The best writing software ever, and you´ll have fun writing! :) Cheers, Bob

Anthony Moore

Celtx is free if you're short on cash.

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