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I truly believe I just wrote something impressive. And it's only Thursday. I mention it here because my cats don't seem to care. What are you groovy kids up to this fine evening?

C Harris Lynn

You need new cats! What did you write?

Kim Donovan

I would try explaining that you need to sell your writing in order to feed them. They might give you more feedback.

C Harris Lynn

Aaaand he's gone...

Raymond Negron

Just being funny. I don't agree John Hunter, "Your cats just suck." I hope that doesn't hurt because I'm using a friednly fire fight and humor to mask my emotions. Also, I'm working something out in "Best In Show," style in my mind. As they were revered once as the eyes to the Gods in the Egyptian times. Obviously, we are not in Egyptian times are we? Hmm! As I have two ferocous maine coones cats that appear to look like the Thundercats, a 20 year old veteran tabby whose been through the ringer, and an outdoor fox form the Fox and the Hound, I feed from time-to-time. I've owned dogs I'm just too selfish and like when animals can basically take care of themselves as my maid cleans the litter box.

Ted Westby

Okay, so... I promise this wasn't a veiled attempt to get my cats even more attention than they already get. Really. But they are damn cool, despite their on-going disinterest in my on-going attempts to keep them in delicious food, comfortable spots, and stray pieces of paper.
Here's hoping some, or all, of you had a productive eve. I hadn't meant to jump ship - promise - but more writing had to get done, and we all know who makes that happen.
Peas and carrots to all!

Jorge J Prieto

Felines are so independent, they only come to you when they feel like it. I love them, have a black one and he',s like a dog, a real licker. To answer your question, right now, talking to all you creative, wonderful, S32 fellow artists. It's been a while, sine I've been really busy writing, editing, you all know the deal. Cheers!

Ted Westby

Very good to hear, Jorge. I hope the theatrical/screen life in New York is treating you damn swell.

Ted Westby

C. Harris, to answer your question, I wrote my new synopsis for my TV Pilot. Kinda jazzed about it. Merci for asking.

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