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So, okay... I recently began to write my comedy screenplay, finally. First I wanted to write it as a book, but I figured out that this story isn't ideal for that. My English isn't the best too and I wonder how I get an extraordinary and funny but also dramatic and romantic screenplay without the knowledge of a native speaker. I wrote the story in German, but is it the best way to translate it word by word?
Sure, I learn learn learn the best I can, but wouldn't you say it's maybe better to write that screenplay in a team with a native speaker who understands German? Or should I wait until ... I don't know ... until ... sometime?

I mean, I continue, of course, because I'm absolutely convinced of the idea! But it would be amaaaaazing if somebody would have some advice for me!!

Thank you so much and all the best to you!!!

Annie xxx

Boomer Murrhee

My suggestion, if possible read a lot of screenplays in the similar genre of what you want to create. For me, I like to begin with the ending. From there I can plot on how to get there. Different writers have different methods. Personally, I like to outline several scenes to would lead to this great ending I've created. You will need to discover what works best for you.

The best advice I can give is to write the damn thing! You can't fix something that's not on the page.

Kerry Morgan

I'd avoid translating it word by word. In the States we use a lot of slang that might not sync up with a German phrase and vice versa. I say complete your script in German and then have a translator assist with the English translation. I'm guessing that in Germany there are translation services for the film industry, so you shouldn't have any issues finding a service once you've written the script.

Anita Heise

Thanks again, Boomer Murrhee! I've plotted that story last year and wrote it down in German. The end of this story is ... Hollywood Style :D (like the title). I love that kind of story! I have it, completely, with bookcover. But it's a film not a book.
It's a great idea to read screenplays in the similar genre! Thank you and have a great day!!

Julia Dibbern

Don't translate it literally. Never ever works, I am with Kerry on that. Doesn't even work the other way round for me, translating English into my native German. Some things simply don't really cut it in the other language. (My editors scold me on a regular basis, saying: "This phrase does not exist in German.")
I can read a few pages of yours to help, if you want to.

Doug Nelson

Anita - If you post the first page in an English translation - I'd be glad to translate it into American Street language for you.

Anita Heise

Aww, that sounds great, thank you so much! I appreciate your offer, Doug Nelson!! I spent my time with watching comedys in English to learn as fast as I can :D. I will post it as soon as possible! Thanks again!

Gary Smiley

Hi Anita, went to Gymnasium for a year; lived many years in S. Germany and finished at a University, doctorate, so I speak German. In the past, I translated some scientific papers. If any of that helps?

Anita Heise

Really, Gary, you lived in Germany? That's cool! Your offer is also awesome, thank you very much! I'll raise my hands if I need help. Thank you! Best wishes.

Gary Smiley

Hi Anita, yeah, Stuttgart. And then many many years up and down the country. Kassel, Goettingen - university stuff. Lived outside of Stuttgart (oh, and Tuebingen as well). Lived in other countries -Norway- then the other continents. Before and after the Wall came down. Trying to figure out a ski trip I used to go to Oberstdorf and hang out. (Am a skier) Same to you, nice talking!

Anita Heise

HA, mee too 15 years ago! That's funny. So, have a fantastic day, Gary!

Gary Smiley

Let's see -- from around 1999 to 2006 the last time in the 'South'. Very neat coincidence! Same to you and good luck on your progress. I had talked to other people (Germans) looking for Green Cards and it's not easy. Don't know why...

Anita Heise

Hey Gary.
Yeah, getting a green card isn't easy, sad to say. I've heard, if the employers want you they make a deal for you. But it's a little bit hard for an unknown actress to get booked in the US or UK, especially if you're don't have a reel or an agent, or generally nothing to show and if you actually life there. But that how it goes sometimes and it doesn't matter! To fight for a dream, means to fight for it :D. If eventually the day of the days is coming, you know what you've done for your dream and the more
proud you are! :D

Have a great week!


Gilberto Villahermosa

Anita - I have a screenwriting colleague who's written comedy screenplays. We're thinking of working together on a 30-minute comedy TV pilot. I write the story( outline and beats and the characters), she writes the comedy. So you may want to think about collaborating with a comedian - who writes comedy. If you do, make sure to have a collaboration agreement in place. All the Best!

Anita Heise

Thank you, Gilberto! Sounds great! It's defenitely a good idea, thank you.

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