Screenwriting : Writing Partner by Levada McHenry

Levada McHenry

Writing Partner

What are the perks of havin a writint partner? And what are t drawbacks

Jay Stamatis

Hi Levada, I write with a partner, actually its my father. We have different writing styles and both are pertinent at different time... iron sharpens iron, so to speak. What about you?

D Marcus

The perks of having a good writing partner is not being so alone in what is typically a solos process. "Good" being extremely important - both should have the same work ethic, both should have different strengths and both should fully respect the team. The drawbacks are finding that good or right person. When one wants to work more than the other. When one dominates and pushes the other into the secondary position.

Nicole Jamison

I think it would be great to have a writing partner, I am looking for one right now. I have so many Ideas, but, I think they could be better with a partner.

D Marcus

In my experience a great writing partnership is even more difficult than a great marriage. So if the percentage of great marriages is, say, 20%....

Armando David Rodriguez

i always say more minds are greater than one. draw backs can be creative differences but still a great push to get the right juices flowing.

Thomas Bailey

Be careful who you work with, I tried a writing partner once and they didn't end up doing anything... and when I say nothing, I mean they did absolutely nothing. Then when I didn't give him credit when I wrote the script he lost his shit. It was pretty interesting to watch unfold.

David Pearson

It is more fun, more productive and there are different perspectives- which is helpful, but may give problems. It does require discipline, and the setting aside of egos- which some find hard or impossible. Start with a clear sense of what you are trying to do. Be respectful of your partner and their opinion. Value the things they are better at than you. Be honest. Generally in film it is rarer for the whole team on a production to be making the same film than you think. So make sure you are making the same film!

Alex Sarris

Co-labs are hard to work unless you know the writer well, and your styles are similar. Why do it unless you can't write yourself.

David Pearson

I agree with Gary

Levada McHenry

Thanks....its a new take for me, but I want to expand my ideas and a writing partner could bring out the muse in creativity...

Christopher Kardos

Whenever I hear about co-writing, especially people who haven't made it, I think of Good Will Hunting...That was a collaboration and see where it ended up?? If you find the right person to collaborate with, collaborate away!

Janet Scott

Finding the person is the hard part....

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