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Erin P.S. Zimmerman

Writing collaborators

Who here would like to help me develop a few ideas I have into screenplays/scripts/etc.? I am looking to build some relationships, expand my horizons and seek some help in this area right now. I want to work with anyone willing to lend their expertise in exchange for feature and short credits. Thank you!

Don Thomas

Hey Erin, already replied to your post in the "Introductions" Stage 32 topic. I'm actually pretty good when it comes to working with others and their ideas. Took a work-for-hire gig helping a Guatemalan amateur screenwriter a while back and worked with him to turn his 190 page mess (his words) into a solid quality script which not only the two of us can be proud of, but is currently being considered by an agent for representation. For the record when we first started he initially just wanted to hire me to do some serious editing, but as our working relationship developed and he understood just how determined I was to create a quality final product script wise, he agreed on his own to fully credit me as the co-writer.

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