Screenwriting : Writing while listening to music? by Victor Titimas

Victor Titimas

Writing while listening to music?

I sometimes do that... Does it influence the writing in any way(without you realizing it, uncounsciously)? If you wrote something while listening to a song, would you have written it differently if there was a different song playing, or all writing is the same, regardless of music?

Hernán Crespo

Your surroundings change everything, for sure. Sometimes I like to listen to music but others I prefer silence.

Wal Friman

Yes, but the difference is in your face. With the wrong song you'd write the same words, but with a frown in your face.

Dan Guardino

I love listening to music while I am writing but I seriously doubt it has had any effect on my writing.

Doug Nelson

I listen to music that befits the genre in which I'm writing. I'm writing a paranormal script right now - so I listen to a lot of spooky-dead-people music (an' no, I don't mean Elvis.)

Jacob Buterbaugh

My writing playlist consists of Slayer, Morbid Angel, Butcher Babies, In This Moment, and Sister Sin. It's great for writing horror. It probably wouldn't be so great if I were writing romantic comedy.

Jack Bybee

I have done a modicum of research into energy and vibrations; also I have heard repeatedly of the 'Mozart Effect'. I love the violin concertos etc. and the inspiration or, if not inspiration, then the feelings of calm, wellbeing in creating the scenes. Not quite horror stimulation - anyone else with experience the Mozart Effect?

Anthony D Paul

I bought the batman begins soundtrack. The music fits well with something I'm writing. Or I might listen to classical or music like Enya. It depends on what I'm writing. If I'm writing a serious scene, I'm probably not going to have some snappy jazz playing. Then sometimes I need absolute silence, so I can hear the characters and what the hell they're trying to say.

Robert Campopiano

I listen to my iTunes library at a low volume and find that it keeps me from getting distracted. My mind tends to wander and with the music on, I find that I can concentrate on my writing and not think about the dishes that need washing, etc.

Kellie Burke

Goth, 80s new wave and heavy metal, and classic rock gets me in the mood.

Joleene DesRosiers

I only listen to music when I have a song in my head that I think would play out during the scene. When I play said song, I get super pumped and feel like I crank out an awesome scene. Then I go back quiet.

I WISH I could write with music on all the time. But I can't. It distracts me. I read what I write out loud a lot, and I can't do that with music in the background.

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