Screenwriting : Written Pitch by Adam Harper

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Adam Harper

Written Pitch

Hi everyone,

I've been working on a 2 page written pitch and I have a one page synopsis (the 2nd page of my pitch) that I keep refining with the hope of eventually sending out.

I would like to know if there is a standard font/font size/format that I should use?

The reason I ask is that my synopsis is very tight on the page at the moment so I'd like to keep it this way if it's possible.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and wisdom

Adam Harper

Thank you Laura, it's a relief to know I'm on the right track.

Adam Harper

Thank you A.S, I'm at 550 words right now, I'll keep trimming away. I'd love to look at some examples if anyone has any? I've looked online but not found anything specific to Happy Writers.

Dan MaxXx

What's on the first page?

Contact the Coordinator at Happy Writers website. That's his job. Get advice from folks who do this for a living. They read and submit pitches every day. They should know what works and what doesn't.

Adam Harper

Thanks Dan, I will do that. As it stands my first page is introduction, title, format, genre, nutshell, logline as advised in the Happy Writer's pitching guide and the second page is my full synopsis.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Adam. If not already aware... there is a PDF guide with tips for either written or verbal pitches made available on the Happy Writers page. The link is located towards the bottom of the left column. Hope that helps!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Whoops, sorry, Adam, I see you already have the guide. My bad. I do, however, wish you the best with your pitch. ;)

Adam Harper

Hi Beth, no problem at all and thank you for taking time out to help me :)

Judith Ann Mc Dowell

Hello, my name is Judith Ann McDowell, I am a novelist of (8) and a screenwriter (8) in the genre of horror (4) in a series--western-paranormal Native American love stories.(2) All my scripts have been polished and they are ready to be optioned. I wish all of us here the very best of luck with our work getting into the right hands.

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