Screenwriting : Written Pitch Example for Happy Writers by Stacy Gentile

Stacy Gentile

Written Pitch Example for Happy Writers

Does anyone have an example of the written pitches they are using for Happy Writers?

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

lol. Although I think PB's pitch is awesome, I second Stacy and would also like maybe another example of a written pitch.

Monique Mata

Ditto! Hopefully one that resulted in a read request ;)

Laura Cross

Hi Stacy - though I can't say what every producer or manager or agent wants to see in a written pitch, I have had some success with my written pitches here on Stage 32 (script request from ICM and BenderSpink). I included the logline, genre, complete synopsis (meaning I revealed the entire story), and a short bio - presented similar to a one-sheet or pitch deck format except only 2 pages. All the best with your endeavors.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Thanks for doing this, Lyse! Much appreciated!

Richard "RB" Botto

You're awesome (as always) Lyse!

Monique Mata

Thanks for sharing, Lyse!! If you're still in the sharing mood, could you post a TV pitch as well?

David Levy

Great information and samples, Lyse! I know some do write for TV and like you mentioned, there does need to be more in the written pitch for a TV pilot. A lot to cram into a TV pitch. I have 2 type's of written pitches for the same project and I'd love to see how they compare to someone with more industry experience than I have.

Virginia Brucker

Laura, how very generous of you to share. Thank you so much!

Stacy Gentile

Lyse -- you are awesome for sharing! Thank you!

David Levy

Crafting the right TV pitch with all the correct info is about as easy to do as open heart surgery in a bathtub on the Ganges river! Not impossible, just takes precision to accomplish!

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