Screenwriting : Written Pitches by Anthony Buono

Anthony Buono

Written Pitches

Does anyone know where I can find any examples of written pitches used for Stage 32? I'm doing my first one and curious to see some in action. I'm following the Stage 32 template in the meantime. Thank you.

B.V Jottsonne

my only advice is don't try to describe the plot in detail because then no one will want to read the script

Eric Christopherson

Describing the plot in detail has worked for me several times in obtaining read requests from pitches. I think it's an individual thing with the execs, some like that, others don't.

Krista Crawford

I did a written pitch and pretty much followed the Stage 32 template. The big thing I found was to really have your pitch writing match the tone of the genre you're pitching. I did a character driven comedy/paranormal and made sure that my writing reflected the comedy aspect. Your pitch is a reflection of your show.

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