Screenwriting : You are given a choice. OSCAR or EMMY? by Steven Harris Anzelowitz

You are given a choice. OSCAR or EMMY?


A. S. Templeton

What’s the relative $$$?

Shlomo Klein

I would have said Oscar in the past, but with all the streaming series out there, and competition for good shows by platforms, I am now thinking Emmy.

Doug Nelson

I'm still trollin' with OSCAR bait - but I'm old school.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Shlomo Klein Me too especially now with the NETFLIX elephant in the room.

Tony S.


Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Tony S. Emmy. Grammy. Oscar. Tony. For those not familiar with the initials that my Upper West Side Neighbor "Happy Writer" posted. And Tony S. The choice was two. not 4 But hey you can dream. We all can dream. That is the beauty of "FREE WILL". Grammy huh? What instrument do you compose on? My Father was ASCAP.

Tony S.

Air guitar.

Four is better that two by a factor of two, my disappearing Bro.

Shawn Speake


Daniel Benshana

grateful for either

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Shawn Speake With all due respect sir. That was not one of the choices.
But it is a good share for the community. So if you want to chose from the lead thread, I will ask respectfully again, Oscar or Emmy?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Daniel Benshana Me too. Always put some gratitude in your attitude.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Tony S. I am not disappearing. I am just going upstate my 10023 friend. 10128/CANARSIE OUT!

Tony S.

Your posts are Steven Harris Anzelowitz Good trip. I'd mention bagels, but... POOF!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Posts Disappearing? Gremlins!

Tony S.

Maybe she of hexing tribe.

Beth Fox Heisinger

No. No disappearing posts? Unless there was a site glitch of some sort, but I doubt it. And, Steven, members can easily delete and edit their own posts and comments. No gremlins. No hex. ;)

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Beth Fox Heisinger Thanks Beth. You are one of the best moderators we have here.

Tony S.

Right on!

Andrew Martin Smith

I'm a Brit - so it has to be an Oscar followed hotly by a BAFTA.

Tony S.
de Smith


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