Screenwriting : You probably already do this but... by Travis Sharp

Travis Sharp

You probably already do this but...

My writing family, When I'm feeling a lack of confidence or I'm looking to boost my writing brain, I take a drive at lunch and LISTEN (not watch, safety first) to a YouTube clip or Netflix movie of something I feel is great writing. Lately it has been the opening speech by Tommy Lee Jones in No Country for Old Men. It's good for inspiration. Any other ideas out there? Thanks!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

To boost my writing brain I listen to my favorite opera records, then I go for a brisk walk. A few lyrics or an aria will stick in my head -- and inspire other ideas.

Travis Sharp

Good stuff!!!

Ryan A. Herring

I like to listen to writers I admire talk about their process and struggles, and more interestingly how they overcame the same sort of challenges every writer encounters. Podcasts, youtube clips, whatever. Also networking and sharing with other writers, like this! I mix that up with some physical exercise; a walk, a hike, a bike ride - anything to get the blood pumping and clear my head. Thanks

Craig D Griffiths

Podcasts on writing and audiobooks, narrative not reference. What movies, lots and lots of movies. Then I talk to my friends that watch movies. Shakes something loose in my head.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Listen to awesome movie/TV scores is what helps for us. Bear McCreary's Passacaglia's amazing to stir up some brain power.

Dan MaxXx

music is always good and exercise, ride my bike around the park, and when I'm really stuck, I shoot off a clip at the gun range.

Richard Gustason

I have a lake near my house called Quail Lake. What I do is I walk a couple laps around it and listen to my Spotify that has movie scores. This helps me out.

Ryan A. Herring

When I sit down to actually write I always listen to some kind of music to set my mind in the right frame. I'll pick a 'soundtrack' for my story and play it while I write. When I was writing 'The Olympians', which is historical fiction with a strong Native American story-line, I listened to a lot of Native American flute and chanting. I go for ambient or atmospheric stuff as it doesn't interfere with my inner dialogue and the tracks are usually really long which helps. Sometimes just an ambient forest or ocean soundscape can be the right thing.

Roberto Dragonne

Go out for a walk is the best for me. Look at the people (not in a creepy way), but see what they are doing, try to guess what they are thinking or feeling, is like you are writing a story at that very moment. Also try to sit, close your eyes and listen the song "Echoes" by Pink Floyd.

Travis Sharp

I've always thought that while writing it's best to listen to music you know well. It can then occupy half of your brain but without losing focus because you know the music.

Maroun Rached

Imagine you have one year left to live and you've got to write a maximum number of screenplays by this time.

Stephen Barber

These are good examples of what to do^^^^ All of them. Me, I like to drink coffee and hit the gym with the loudest volume I can produce from my headphones and listen to Nine Inch Nails and pound weights. It gives me a struggle that I have to sweat out and also stimulates my thinking... It works for me.

David Levy

I listen to movie scores or whatever music motivates me at that moment. Like Stephen, I either go for a run or weight training to let my mind think and process. I write smaller projects, too. For instance, I'm writing a comedy sketch for a web series while developing my characters and outline for a new TV pilot. My brain works best when it has more than one project to focus on.

Jody Ellis

I write every day. No matter how I am feeling in regards to insecurities, no matter how unmotivated I might be, no matter if I have a million other things to do. I may not always work on the same writing piece (I'm a freelancer and usually have a deadline breathing down my neck, so those articles take precedence over my "passion" work) but I write SOMEthing every day. I keep an ever-growing list of script ideas and go to that if I'm having trouble. I don't allow myself to wallow in any of the fears or resistance that tends to plague creatives. The only cure for it is to create.

Fiona Faith Ross

I write every day too. Like Jody, I switch from task to task. For screenwriting, I usually listen to music that inspires the story I'm writing. It helps me set the tone, or nail an emotion. There's loads of stuff on YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Delia Mazzocchi

I do exactly as Stephen Barber: I go to the jym and run listening to the loudest music. Something always move.. But I absolutely sure thqt I shoud do like Jody... I should write something EVERY day...

Stacy Thowe

I try to write as much as I can as often as I can, but is unrealistic to think that you can write and write quality, meaningful material and not get bogged down with the age old dilemma of the question, "Why am I doing this?" It strikes us all. But if you love writing, as I sense that all of you do, you come back to it time and time again and regardless of the reasons, you write. I write to help me understand things happening in the world that are out of my control. When I get down, I share this with my friends in my writers groups or a loved one and they help me through it. But regardless, I write because it is what I love. I write to understand the world around me and I write to help others. As far as motivation, I write when the world motivates me.

Travis Sharp

What is this "gym" place you all talk about? I think I may have gone to one once or twice back before I had kids. I think for me it's next to Jimmy Johns. I spend a good amount of time there.

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