Screenwriting : You working this weekend? by Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

You working this weekend?

It's Saturday morning. I'm finishing my first feature script for the year 2019. Of course, I'll be doing some rewriting and polishing in the near future.

What are you doing this weekend?

Pamela Bolinder

Rewriting and polishing "Deception" and reading "Stop Screwing Around and WIN Your Next Screenplay Contest! By Robert McCullough. I'd like to squeeze in some fresh air and powder time—go CC skiing...

Dan Guardino

I am going to finish up two pitch decks today so I can send to a company that requested them.

Jody Ellis

I have three freelance articles due this month so I’m going to start those. I’m also starting a new script for a producer I’ve been working with, and hoping to work on my own work in progress as well. This will all happen in between the usual weekend chores of cleaning, grocery shopping and wrangling pets, lol.

Dan MaxXx

Probably head to a bar, drink, get screenplay advice from the bartender.

Dan Guardino

Dan M. I don't drink or I would join you.

Philip Sedgwick

Reading historical books as research for a feature drama screenplay, watching documentary footage.

Working with an EP to secure budget, locations, technical matters for a high-budget short film.

Supporting my partner's daughter in her pursuit of acting gigs here in Tucson.

Doctoring a script for a local writer to get her up to speed to enter a contest.

Loving up on our two cats. Having time to watch a film with my partner and kick back, if even for a few hours.

Planning roof repair before the next storms. Typical weekend!

Doug Nelson

Dan M - I'll meet you down at the pub for a pint.

Evelyn von Warnitz

Finished the treatment for my screenplay Genre Romantic Comedy Drama.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Dan and Doug will channel Hemingway, Faulkner and Fitzgerald!

Chad Stroman

Yep. Working right now on a screenplay (with a brief break to post this).

Ramus Labiapari

Working on one of my scripts.

Patricia Zell

Working on the sixth and final script for my franchise.

Cherie Grant

Just writing my tv gothic horror pilot into a novel in case it never gets picked up.

Jurgen Wolff

Working on short scripts for a drama podcast that has a concept the would also work for a feature--I think it might be a different way to get attention for the story (of course the challenge will be getting people to listen!)

Mike Heff

Trying to finish my eposodic script to submit to the sudance writers lab! Wish me luck!

Doug Nelson

Back from the pub late last night, slept in this morning. Now working on my OSCAR bait script storyline...I've got half a dozen reveals; I'm trying to fit a couple more in place...back to work.

Derek Reid

Well, I put together a new office chair!

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy


Didn't the bartender write your last screenplay?

Dan Guardino

I did manage to finish my two Pitch Decks Thank god it was a real nightmare.

David Whelan

Working on a short and no doubt I'll scazz over one of my older scripts and change something again, even it its just a couple bits of dialogue. Always something that annoys me lol

Craig D Griffiths

Skype in Producer in NYC to discuss shooting schedule and rehearsals.

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