Screenwriting : Your feelings by Omnia Algaml

Omnia Algaml

Your feelings

How do you deal with your writing that may affect your psychological state, especially if the story is sad?

Natasha Powell

A good therapist, support system and a way to decompress. You can also do something or write something that is more light-hearted to alleviate the heaviness of the subject

Tasha Lewis

I put on my screenwriter and editor hat.

Richard M Kjeldgaard

I've gone through anxiety and sadness when I write some scenes. I just take a deep breath and write it. I equate it to facing my fear of flying which I did years ago. Just do it.

Doug Nelson

Hitch taught me this years ago: "Remember, it's just a movie."

William Martell

I use my feelings to write the scenes. In a strange way, it allows me to control them.

Chloe Haga

My script has some darker subjects and it’s my way of letting out my negative emotions and i get to move on from it to the next scene. Writing is my therapy (besides my actual therapist, haha) . :)

Omnia Algaml

Thank you all for your answers.

Debbie Croysdale

I'm with @Chloe Writing's always a positive, never negative no matter how tragic the story. I never "deal" with a blank page but fill it either successfully or unsuccessfully and leave angst/bitter frustrations/sadness to circumstances unfolding in real everyday life.

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