Screenwriting : ...that 'dance' scene! by Jerry Doubles

Jerry Doubles

...that 'dance' scene!

Hi friends, I am writing a dance story(like -- Step Up, you got served, etc) for the 'first time', and I am finding difficulty describing for example; a 3-minute dance scene-- Please, how do you suggest I describe the dance action on the screenplay? Share with me; links or script samples to help. Thank you in advance. Jey!

F Wheeler

Might help to read action genre screenplays. Action stunts are planned (and written) the same way as dance. And obviously, 1 page equals 1 minute. Add a few lines of dio every now and then, if it's a page of just action the reader skips it.

Michael L. Burris

Like your looking at the dance scene from an aerial view, focusing on the dancer's, area or any other relative characters and how each character perceives themselves. Maybe from the floor and footwork up or from dancer eye to dancer eye or maybe all of these. Just throwing out some suggestions. Personally I would write it like what you envision first then compare other scripts later. Good luck to you. Oh and maybe you can get something from Fred Astaire musicals and other old musicals as much as contemporary movies. Michael L. Burris "Life is way too short not to look at the lighter side of it." & "I'm trying my damnedest not to fly around like a blind bird."

Jerry Doubles

Lisa, you've got links? pls share.

Rose Summers

I wrote a script with dancing, and I name the type, but I left the steps to the translation of whoever will choreograph. I'm not that particular except where, say, a character has a specific reaction (i.e. His movements become more flirtatious, she reciprocates.). This way I control the tension and emotional development of the subject/plot without stepping on the toes of the professionals (pun intended).

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