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Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy
It’s been a very productive week.

Do you have a plan to move your career goals forward, and are you setting aside the time to create new content?

This week, the following things happened.

1) I sent an actor a newly completed screenplay, and he liked it. He’s agreed to attach his name to the project, and my producer is currently revie...

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Maurice Vaughan

Thanks, Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy. I appreciate it.

Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy

Maurice: If you wouldn't mind providing the link or instructions, how do you get into this Victory Round on Clubhouse? Thanks

Maurice Vaughan

Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy, here's the link:

You download the Clubhouse app and join the room. Yo...

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Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy

Thanks. I think I'm hooked up.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy. Ok, cool!


I am thinking about deleting my logline "A Voice to be Heard." I am in works of the comic of it. But I feel it's not being appreciated on here. I am really liking the comic I am developing so far. I don't know what to do. What's the point, if people don't appreciate. Should I keep it up here or dele...

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Claudio Torres

In screenwriting you always received feedback, notes and comments. It is an important part of the job. There is no positive or negative notes. Theyare always part of the work. You get a person opnion,...

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Colette "ByFilms" Byfield

Alexandria Smith I completely agree with Claudio. I haven’t read your logline but the main point is to learn to handle FEEDBACK maturely. If someone has insulted you then please let me know and I will...

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Martin Reese

Great points by Claudio. You will always get criticism. You take what helps and discard the rest. That's just part of the business. And loglines are not easy. Keep pushing.

Alexandria Smith

To everyone: I want to thank you all for being helpful! As a person with autism who is extremely sensitive about a lot of things. It's not easy for me. But I am still trying even though it is very hard (especially when it's negative)

Leticia Agudo

I second Claudio and Colette here (more like third and fourth by this time). Also, take into account that not everyone knows (professional editors, execs, etc included) how to give feedback or critici...

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Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy
14 things to know about writing screenplays

Every few years, I post my philosophy about being a screenwriter. Maybe some of these will resonate with you. 

1. Screenwriting isn't for you if you're a delicate, sensitive woodland creature.

2. Don't tell anyone This is your first script. But don't hang your hopes on setting the world on fire becau...

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Gen Vardo

I like 6: In a way it's like a painter fresh out of art college. They can be painting for years, producing good or even great works, but nothing selling.

Then they find their style, their voice.

All it takes is time and confidence, and the fourteen.

Roberta M Roy

Nice list, CJ. I'll take #12.

Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy

CJ: Thanks for creating 14 things to know about writing screenplays, light. However, I'm offering my observations without concern about being diplomatic. If that offends someone, they may wish to reread number one consider growing a thicker skin.

Roberta M Roy

I love the balance of the spectrum of your perspectives Philip and CJ.

Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy

Roberta: Glad to hear it. Best of luck with your endeavors will always lend eyes and ears.

J.a. Fludd
Act breaks in a streaming pilot

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d stick my head in here for a little question. I’m closing in on finishing an hour-long dramedy pilot that I imagine pitching to a streaming network like Apple or Hulu. I’ve been writing it as if I were writing a pilot for a network show and thus including a teaser and act...

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Maurice Vaughan

Thanks, E Langley. Yeah, I agree with you about considering where the writer projects the story will land.

Emily J

I recently had a call with an exec about my pilot script, which does not include act breaks, and we talked about this very thing! You should totally remove the act breaks (or at least have two version...

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Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy

I do teasers but not act breaks in pilots.

Dan MaxXx

Dont think act breaks/no act breaks matter for reads.

WGF posts actual scripts of tv shows on networks & streamers. Everyone employed formats pages differently.

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Drew Warren Delaine

If you feel your story is ready let it tell itself that's it you'll do great.

Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy
Tone in Film Noir

I went online to research screenplay tone, particularly related to the film noir genre, and found some great explanations:

First, let me offer this excellent definition of screenplay tone.

In a screenplay, the tone is the most elusive element. It doesn't necessarily have a physical form on the page b...

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Dan MaxXx

Tone and world of plot should be established by end of page 1.

Stephanie Madison

I think the definition you included sums up tone pretty well.

When you mentioned film noir, Orson Welles, etc., I immediately thought of films like 'Citizen Kane' and 'The Maltese Falcon' starring Hum...

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Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy

Stephanie: Thanks for the suggestion for Black Spot. I've watched a few Nordic Noir, and their climate is a good backdrop for a bleak setting. I particularly liked The Vahalla Murders.

Doug Nelson

Dan M - I think that's pretty true, but I also want to know who (character) I'm supposed to be routing for - I'll give you twelve eights. I also look for some conflict, so maybe I'll go the end of page 2.

Stephanie Madison

No problem, Phil. Thanks for the suggestion--I'll check it out. Cheers.

Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy
Screenplay Tone

Here's another article tying into what I posted yesterday. Newer screenwriters may want to have a look.

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Screenwriting Tone: The Definitive Guide
Screenwriting Tone: The Definitive Guide
In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about screenwriting tone. What is Tone? Why is it important? How you create it? How to determine tone other scripts and films. I've created thi…
Maurice Vaughan

Great article and share, Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy. I do a tone check during rewrites to make sure the tone is consistent throughout the script.

Maurice Vaughan
NEW BLOG: "Coffee & Content: Cinematography of STRANGER THINGS & How to Write Better"

Two great videos in the Stage 32 blog:

"Stranger Things Cinematography Breakdown — A Nostalgic Approach to Lighting, Camera, & Lenses"

"Write better dialogue in 8 minutes"

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Maurice Vaughan
"How Stage 32 Benefits Mobile Filmmakers with Rich RB Botto"

Check out this podcast on SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking! Stage 32's founder and CEO, Richard "RB" Botto, is the guest ( SOOOOO many tips for writers, producers, directors, actors, etc.

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How Stage 32 Benefits Mobile Filmmakers with Rich RB Botto
How Stage 32 Benefits Mobile Filmmakers with Rich RB Botto
Episode 74It's true that the industry of film and television is changing. That needs no convincing to see.Our guest in episode 74 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is Rich RB Botto, the founder and…
Amanda Toney
Netflix + Stage 32 Free Webinar: How to Write Hit Drama TV for Streaming Platforms

Hi everyone, I'm excited to bring in a producer & writer from BRIDGERTON to teach the final installment of our education series with Netflix. Here's all the details - be sure to register:

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Ahmed Hayat Khan

I want to thank you for your work. I am also looking forward for this webinar. You are remarkable job. It is really nice to work with you Amanda Toney

Emma Crookes

Hello from Bath, England. I’m so looking forward to this.

Thank you

Irene Reis Leite

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Jerry Jaz

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Kerry F Booth

Welcome, everyone. Tuning in from Denver, CO

Denise Crisci

Hi. I'm hoping for great information!

Danielle Boone

Looking forward to hearing from Leila. She was awesome in the pitch tank last week :)

Hania Sherwani

Hi!! my name is Hania. I'm a film student. Very excited for this seminar

Diane Namm

Hi. Looking forward to hearing what Leila has to say! Thanks for arranging this!

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Trisha Evans-Lutterodt

Hi everyone, I'm Trisha, an aspiring screenwriter, and director from London, UK. Lovely to meet you all!

Marcin Klinkosz

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Patricia Lamwaka

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Eric Mofford

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Svetlana Tulasi

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Melva Akens

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Svet Doytch

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Steven Delisi

hello from Chicago! … musician & aspiring screenwriter :)

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, everyone. I'm Maurice, a Community Thought Leader in the Screenwriting lounge. Looking forward to meeting you.

Ruben Varela


Staton Rabin

Hi, I'm a working screenwriter and a freelance script analyst. Also write YA novels for Simon & Schuster. Never stop learning.

Wendy Pfeifle

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Colette "ByFilms" Byfield

Welcome everyone! I’m sure this will be another great Netflix + Stage 32 session!

Ish Ferris

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Opute C. Joel

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My name is Opute C. Joel. I am a filmmaker based in Nigeria. Good to connect with you guys

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Tim Wright

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Greetings, y'all! I'm Kay, the Community Manager here at Stage 32, tuning in from Los Angeles - WELCOME! Be sure to hit that REFRESH button on your web browser to read the newest comments on this thread!

Amari Grant

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This is my handle if anyone wants to connect! Filmmaker and Film student @tanmaybetheone - Instagram

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I just realized I hate drama. Yikes. :-D

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Tamesha Edwards

Hello everyone! I am from California... Thank you, Stage 32 for this great experience...