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Multi Projects

Hi All,
It's pretty neat to do multiple projects. I'm working on 2 different movie scripts and a freelance newspaper article. Peace- Ed Skirtich

Lets collab

HEY GUYS! Lets collaborate on an action drama script! Looking for individuals that are able to meet up and work together in person.

WGA Agreement

A few new details on the new agreement...

Studios, Writers Guild Avert Strike With Last-Minute Deal
Studios, Writers Guild Avert Strike With Last-Minute Deal
Talks between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers went down to the wire Monday night but ultimately resulted in a three-year deal, averting a threa…
Writing For Reality TV

Hi Everyone! Anyone wrote or presently writing a Reality TV Competition/Elimination Concept? Please do share how you came up with your budget. Was your sizzle reel done by a company, or did you do it yourself? How is it progressing?

Multifaceted Cliff-Hangers VS. The Episodic Mini-Arc

With exception of individual artistry, the last dozen or so series pilots I have been fortunate to consult for have all had one distinguishing difference. The writers have either opted for the Episodic Mini-Arc with a continuing grand arc(X-Files, The Flash types), or they have opted for the Multifa...

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DC Film Fest

Am relatively new to DC and looking forward to attending the DC FILM FEST. It runs from 4/20 - 4/30 and information for the festival is: in the metro DC area planning on going? Looks like there are some intriguing selections.

Networking invite

Networking is as important a part of building a career as anything. If interested - these are held only once a month:

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Friday Night Social Event ~ March 3, 2017 ~ NEW LOCATION
Friday Night Social Event ~ March 3, 2017 ~ NEW LOCATION
Event Date: Friday, March 3, 2017 || Starts at 6:30 pm || Co-sponsoring with Jennifer Grisanti Friday Night Social is a networking group that meets the first Friday of every month. It started as a way…