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Great American PitchFest

I am planning on pitching my script(s) there. Has anybody been all ready? Do you have some great do's and don'ts? Greetings Mack

P.S I would love to meet up afterwords and hang with any other go'ers !

Mommy, I need logline help! Part Deux.

Why every couple of weeks, Uncle Phil sees someone asking for logline help. Or, like the other day, when Uncle had to explain to a writer the difference between a tagline and a logline. Or, the times when I have to advise folks not to write a novel when crafting their loglines. Well, this here artic...

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Sundance Screenwriter's Lab

Screenwriters: There are several free fellowships or ones with nominal fees going on throughout the year. These include Sundance, Universal and Warner Brothers. Here's the link to Sundance. Remember, Uncle Phil is your friend. Say it after me, "Uncle Phil ...

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You say tomato, I say jackhammer.

This morning, I saw the title of this article and was intrigued. MEET THE READER: The Six Axes of Screenplay Analysis, Part 1. It occurred to me that in spite of the current knowledge I possess about the screenwriting craft, ...

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Looking for fresh set of eyes on script. Happy to do the same for someone else.

Hi, Long time lurker first time poster. I'm a writer/director. You can see my feature, short and commercial work on my website I've been a finalist in many international screenplay comps including the C21 Pilot comp in London and the John Hinde Award by the AWG. Right now I have a f...

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I'm excited!

John Hindmarsh - he's an Australian author in his 70s, living in California, and he has just joined Stage32. It would be lovely if you could search him out and welcome him... A big thank you! Kaye

"National Screenwriters Day - Brought To You By Screenwriting U & Stage 32"

Attended the above online forum last night and it was an eye-opener! Thank you Hal Croasmun for arranging it - I was half expecting the normal 'sales pitch' at the end, but there wasn't any. It was genuine link up for all writers to learn more about behind the scenes of the screenwriting business. Brilliant!


Anyone else tune into the webinar today? Your thoughts?

Personally, I thought it was GREAT! Learned a lot and took notes. Great speakers who shared the wealth of their knowledge. Bill

Coverage / Consideration

Hey Gang: Wonder if anyone has used the coverage / consideration services around here? I've heard there were several success stories, and I wonder to whom I should send my "Southern Gothic Slasher Film with a Message" when I decide to take advantage of the services?

Thanks in advance!


Anybody use winning script PRO to post scrip?

Has anybody used this service on Moviebytes? I know moviebytes is a reputable site - used by many on here, but has anybody used this service? Much cheaper then InkTip or Blackliist.



Happy new year and what are your plans?

First of all HAPPY 2018. I hope all your wishes may come true. As for mine, well my new years resolutions will start next week with the start of a new screenwriting course given by Morgan Toll. Futhermore I will work on the animation series Coral World, I will adapt one of my picturebooks and I hope...

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