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About the 4th Annual Stage 32 November Write Club

About the 4th Annual Stage 32 November Write Club

Let's Do This!

November Write Club is where we all come together to support one another to achieve our writing goals this month! Join us and give yourself a kick to finish that pilot, start that outline or do that rewrite you keep putting off. For those who are new you can learn all about Write Club here:

Keep us updated on your writing progress here in the lounge and please encourage your fellow writers on their posts to keep them motivated to write! 

Keep your eye on this post, because this is where we'll be announcing our webcast links for the webcasts this month hosted by our very own script services team - myself (Allen Roughton) & Nick Assunto. As writers, we're also participating in Write Club ourselves and can't wait to talk about it with you! 

Write Club Webcast Schedule - Mark your calendars!

Friday, November 9 @ 1pm PT - we're processing the video and will post it soon!

Friday, November 16 @1pm PT

Friday, November 30 @ 1pm PT

Aray Brown
How To Talk To Hollywood
Ten Tips for Talking to Hollywood
Ten Tips for Talking to Hollywood
Practicing savvy techniques can help ensure you're taken seriously by the film industry-even before you're a working professional. INT. BIG-TIME PRODUCTION COMPANY - DAY It's 9:30 on Monday morning, a…
Artisan James
Original Quote:

The Keys are your Tool. The Screen is your World. Your Imagination is what lies in between. ARTISAN JAMES. POSTED on 11/8

Artisan James

Movies are one of the great American art forms and the shared experience of watching a story unfold on the screen is an important and joyful pastime. CHRISTOPHER NOLAN

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy
Logline, screenwriter's ezine

If you've entered the Page Awards, you may have already subscribed to their online newsletter called Logline. If not, I've attached the one I just received today. This edition has a question answer session by David Trottier, as well as an article on how to launch a spec script franchise and 8 Ways t...

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Artisan James
Original Quote:

If you don't believe in it, don't write it.

If you don't believe in it, don't make it.

If you don't believe in me, still read it.

Artisan James

Abdur Mohammed
First 10 uploaded and revised logline

Good day to all. First I would like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU for the advise I received, for the first 15 pages of screenplay uploaded (In the logline section of my profile).

I have taken the advice received, and am much appreciative for it. Please feel free to read and critique.

This is why St...

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Jack Binder
Mercedes Street
Writing program

Anyone else applying for the warner bros writing program tomorrow or has anyone gone through it yet?

Landis Stokes
Thinking outside of the box...

Found another video I found inspiring and thought provoking. Just wanted to share...

I do think, as creators, we have to keep taking advantage of all the opportunities technology and social media provide.

Great food for thought. Richard "RB" Botto...

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Joe Orlandino
Writer with extensive knowledge of motorcycles

Any screenwriters here on S32 who have in-depth knowledge about motorcycles? From Aermacchi to Zundapp? Well, not that many but quite a few of the iconic brands and models. We may be looking to hire the right person.

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy
Mining the public domain for screenplay adaption ideas.

Late in 2016, I read that works by HP Lovecraft written before 1923 were part of the Public domain. So I thought it would be fun to write a Creepshow style anthology from three of Lovecraft's PD stories. After reading the stories I chose through several times, I endeavored to put my own stamp on the...

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5 Things Screenwriters Should Know About Public Domain - ScreenCraft
5 Things Screenwriters Should Know About Public Domain - ScreenCraft
Ahead of the launch of our upcoming Public Domain Screenwriting Competition, we are sharing this guest post from Christopher Schiller, ScreenCraft contributor and entertainment attorney, licensed and practicing in New...
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