Filmmaking / Directing : Brick for Film by Danielle Fradella

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Danielle Fradella

Brick for Film

Does anyone have an idea on how to do a wall of brick for film at an affordable cost? I want to create a brick facade on one of my studio walls, but obviously don't want to actually use real brick for it. Will paint covered styrofoam look as good or is some sort of wall covering going to work better?

Graham Aldred

If you use the right covering on the styrofoam it should be OK. The key is making the surface of the foam convincing first, then try mixing the paint with sand and a little dilute PVA glue.

Tressa Sanders

I recall seeing a kind of textured brick wallpaper/covering at home depot I'm thinking of using for one of my sets. I don't recall how much it cost but it looked like real brick but it was just a very large fake piece you could cover a wall with. That might work for you.

Gregory Kauffman

Have found an amzingly real brick facade painted onto corregated paper that I got at a costume and scene supply house.

Danielle Fradella

I love it!!! Thanks guys!!! I wouldn't've even thought about the corrugated paper and the Home Depot maybe was too obvious for me to even think of!

Quinn Katherine Stone

What we use is Pulpart. Here's the site It's not cheap, but it's the best. Next best is vacuform. That stuff from Home Depot never looks quite right. But it will work in a pinch. Good luck

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