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Filmmaking / Directing : Changing careers... it's never too late! Share your experiences! by Jose Iturriaga

Jose Iturriaga

Changing careers... it's never too late! Share your experiences!

Hello everyone, I'm an Industrial Designer and I've worked doing Trade Show Exhibits for almost 15 years now. I've always had a soft spot for movies, and particularly for sets, props and conceptual design. Last October I started my own little Design studio, and decided to look for plays and indie films that needed help. I thought: "it's never too late to change careers" Though I have very little experience doing sets and props, I am very excited to get into films and theater! Besides, I have plenty of experience working under pressure, low budgets, quick turnaround times, designing concepts, CAD and Render, etc. I just joined here and wanted to learn about your experiences in the field, and any tips or suggestions are highly appreciated! So, let's get this started, how did you get in the industry and why?

Tommi Brem

After wanting to get into film, I ended up studying stage design. And then went into marketing for a number of years, before I returned to set design. Of course, my changes were always in line with what was affordable/available, really, so there haven't been bold moves. More like: Anything else would have been stupid ;) I have to say also that I'm not exactly your average theatre-fan. I rarely go because, frankly, most plays don't interest me much. I get distracted a lot by things that don't make sense to me and my attention span can be very short if the staging of a play or the acting isn't spot on. Not saying that my work always is, far from it. I studied it because there was an opportunity to study abroad, so I took it. And now I work as a set designer mainly because we're a team of three (director and music producer) and the chemistry is just perfect.

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