Filmmaking / Directing : Emergency vehicles by Andrew Panek

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Andrew Panek

Emergency vehicles

I was searching the internet for hours for rental of emergency vehicles for a movie, but many are in California. Does anyone know of a company that rents here in Montreal?

Vidas Pliodzinskas

Perhaps a large city has older vehicles that are no longer in use. Also, hospital and other care companies may have ambulances. Most of the time paramedics/fire rescue are sitting around. Police cars can easily be "undercover" Ford Crown Victorias / Dodge Chargers or you could have motorcycle cops. Fire chiefs can be large red trucks like the Dodge Ram. Perhaps you can make a deal with a used car dealership. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Andrew Panek

It does Vidas. Thank you.

James Murray

Try calling the Just for Laughs Gags production team. I don't know whom they rent from but they get their hands on all kinds of vehicles.

Andrew Panek

True, I watch their shows and never thought about it. Thank you James.

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