Filmmaking / Directing : Looking for a location/set for a comedy horror short by Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott

Looking for a location/set for a comedy horror short

I'm looking for location/set for a comedy horror short. I need a 1940's or 50's era seedy, run down motel. Most of the action takes place in the motel room and bathroom but I also need to steal a few exteriors in the motel parking lot. I know the usual places such at Club Ed and the Pink Motel, both of which are perfect if I could afford them, but I can't. I either need a standing set, a cheap studio to build one on, or a good connection for an out of the way motel somewhere in the area - one that work with my budget. The shoot is 3 days total.

Charles G. Masi

I could do it for you, but we're on the wrong West Coast. We're on the west coast of Florida. Sorry. But, this is how I'd do it: The Director on my Bike Shop TV show ( ) has studio space to build an interior set. It wouldn't have to be fancy, if you're clever about blocking the shots. Then, I'd look for a disused motel building (they're all over the place, here) and clean up the parking lot to shoot exteriors (obviously have to pay whoever owns the thing a nominal rental fee). Use CGI to create a motel-sign shot. It'd be easy for me, since I'm a multimedia artist and do computer art all the time, but you may not be that lucky. I hope that gives you some ideas.

Kevin McDermott

Charles, thanks for your comments. Actually I do have some studio space, but then there is designing, building and assembling the set - all of which I can do but it's eating too much into my limited budget. I want it to look good - not cheap. So I was just tossing it out there with the hope that someone here might have some connections....

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