Post-Production : Could use some dialouge looping tips by Shiva Rodriguez

Shiva Rodriguez

Could use some dialouge looping tips

I'm starting to bring actors in for looping. I was wondering if anyone experienced in sound had some helpful tips as to how to help prepare actors for this ordeal? I don't think anyone on my cast has ever had to do it before.

Shiva Rodriguez

Thank you, Ken!

Ken Koh

No prob. I'm looking forward to seeing your werewolf!

Russ Gorsline

Having done a lot of ADR myself, I have to agree that Ken did a really good job of explaining a good process. I can add that if the actors are musical, sharing the concept that ADR is a lot like singing along with a song like you are double-tracking the vocal. If they can seamlessly talk over the top of the original line, most of the effort is done. If there are new lines to be recorded, not just replacing the original copy, then often times we will record the first iteration of the line in it's slot in the timeline, then keep the production audio muted and have them do two, three or more versions of the line immediately following. As long as there is no lip movement on screen, this can be a very efficient way to get a line done in very little time. I also let them know that unlike being on set with a big crew around, in an ADR session there are only a couple of us involved, so don't worry about having to do several takes. Just focus on doing a good job. One time several years ago, while working with a very seasoned talent, we had a scene that just wouldn't work. Because of the visual edit it was hard for her to see her face and use that for helping guide her performance. So we had her not watch the screen, but just listen to her production audio. Two takes later we had a strong hero take. Just like everything else in this industry, it relies on creative problem solving more than anything else.

Shiva Rodriguez

Thank you, Russ! I know that one of our leads does musical theatre, so I think the sing-along mindset is a terrific idea!

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