Post-Production : I know there are great Sound Editors here by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

I know there are great Sound Editors here

It would be awesome to get a discussion going on the craft of sound editing- the best software, tips and tricks of the trade, advice for beginners. If you have any questions or advice, please share!

Jay Goodman

Soundtrack Pro works for me. You can mutitrack and two track edit without leaving the app.

John Davenport

I like Adobe Audition if you are doing multi track and many audio tracks. If you are producing just voice and nothing else. Soundforge from Sony is the way to go on Windows and if you are using a MAC.. Then consider Twisted Wave. There's also the free program Audacity which works on mac or Pc. It works fine on both and for FREE.. can't beat it. Those are just some options.

Duncan Whitcombe

I use Logic Pro just because that is what I know and I don't need to do much with the video side - it is more of a reference if its there for time code and cues. It has wave form editing if you need it. I am not too sure what you are wanting to do? Most of the latest products allow you to non-destructively edit audio tracks. Between region edits, cross fades, plug in effects and automation I think that would cover most of the tasks you would be aiming for. BTW, there is a new free app called WavePad which I have downloaded but not had a chance to play with - it might be what you are looking for? what sorts of things do you want to do? I feel like I could talk for hours about what you _can_ do but it might be unrelated to what you _want_ to do :)

Dirk Jacobs

My workflow has changed quite a bit since I started doing more and more work with izotope RX (and since they added more and more editong features to it). With the recent version I can directly send an audio file from daw to RX, edit it and it gets re-importated almost automatically into my daw session. Before that I used to do much more with Wavelab, but I always found the Mac version if it lacking in terms of ui and stability.

Salah Labidi

In deed RX4 is great. It s just so easy. I m really fan of the dialogue denoiser. I use protools for all my work. I got to try pyramix few weeks ago and it has some cool editing features.

Jay Goodman

Using a hair dryer and a cheap 3" speaker as a microphone to get one incredible jet/rrocket sound.

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