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Live Event Sound

OK, so I'm shooting a big indie rock band at a large venue but can't get sound from the board and am wondering how to get decent sound. So far I'm thinking a zoom in the front and back and then mix it with the three cameras. Am I missing something?

Ken Glaza

Yes you are! There is no reason for you not to get a tap off the board. I once was doing large concerts name acts for Westwood One Radio Network. The best is to split off each mic and do a tv mix 5.1 after the concert. Next best is to tap into the house mixer. If they would be so kind, the engineer at the house mixer mighty have an unused bus that can be your mix feed. But that needs supervision at the house mixer. Or simply take a split off the house mix. There are audio splitters you will need. Make sure you get the right one, powered or un-powered, balanced or not. One that floats you from the house mixer is best. Google Audio splitters. R U in Michigan?Good Luck

Michael Borlace

I agree with Ken. it would also help if you explained more fully what you want to do. "a zoom in the front and back"? Do you mean a zoom recorder? I can understand somewhat having one out front, but what do you mean by "back"? Backstage? I would think most of the time you won't get anything usuable backstage. You can record a mono mix from the PA system but you will have no control over the sound if mixed badly, no control over building reverb if present and no control over audience noise. You really want to get a feed from the front of house mixer with all tracks isolated so you can mix them later. The other thing is how are you going to sync up 2 zooms and 3 cameras? If you feed time code to all 5 devices and a rough audio guide track to the cameras, it will be easy to sync up everything in post. If there is no audio or time code in the cameras, and no time code in the zooms, it will be difficult or impossible to sync up the audio to the video later in post.

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