Post-Production : What You Need to Do to Make Your Sound Editor Love You by Christina Horgan

Christina Horgan

What You Need to Do to Make Your Sound Editor Love You

I post this video about once a year. Vickie Sampson is one of Hollywood's renowned post production sound editors in the film industry, and she offers a lot of good "production sound" advice to filmmakers in this video.

Lauren Comele Morris

Very informative. Thank you for the share. I have many issues in post I deal with from small issues to really big ones in the films I score. This is a great video.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

This is a really good video and a great find! Thank you so much for sharing - Stage 32ers, check this one out :)

Christina Horgan

I am so happy that you both have found this video informative and helpful in any way. I have been so fortunate to have worked under Vickie as part of her sound editing team on several projects, and she is a world's wealth of knowledge and information, and a wonderful mentor and person. I have learned so many valuable skills from her. Thanks for watching, and for your feedback.

Lauren Comele Morris

The funny thing is, I'm from California but in Austin now and the men out here are different towards women. But no one, especially my mentors and teachers and fellow engineers, disputes I have the ears of a bat and many people are glad to have me behind the board. We need people like her more than ever because with the indy directors doing their own sound and the libraries these days and some of those fix it all filters-ugh, it's just hard to impress upon people just how important sound is and that your "friend" behind the boom pole can absolutely ruin your film. Not to mention the importance of the final mix, SD, composition, all of it. I am grateful for her fortitude because this is important and needs to be heard.

Salah Labidi

Great video. She's brillant and smart. Directors could learn a lot from this video. A must watch.

David Rountree

Thanks to Vickie for making this video. Vickie worked on my film CUT! and we did all she said. Makes post audio so much easier. Thanks Vickie and thanks Chriss for posting. I am a much better director because of this video.

James David Sullivan

"Sound Advice"

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