Stage 32 Meetups : Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Meet Up (soon to be retitled) by Clifford McKinney

Clifford McKinney

Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Meet Up (soon to be retitled)

I would like to schedule a third meet up on the 20th or 21st of February. At the last meet up it was suggested to move the meet up location a little farther east to accommodate people coming from the Detroit area. I would like to therefore have this meet up in the Dearborn area. I am not familiar with that area so if anyone has any suggestions I welcome them. If not, I will go scouting for a place and update accordingly. Also, after this time I will be calling this the SE Michigan meet up.

Krystal Fields

Greetings! What time of day did you have in mind and how many persons are you expecting? There's a bunch of restaurants in Dearborn. You can't go wrong with The Henry Ford Museum. It's visually interesting and there's a restaurant inside. You may want to consider a chain restaurant like Logans Roadhouse on Schoolcraft Rd. in Livonia. Again, it depends on how many you're expecting. -kaf

Clifford McKinney

My first preference is a place that is local, not a chain, with a room where the group can have a bit of privacy. I usually try to do the meet ups in the evening when most people are out of work.

Robert A. Hughes

Being new to Stage 32, I'd love to be there!

Clifford McKinney

I have only received a couple of responses, maybe the weather is an issue? I'll try to schedule this a little later, maybe middle of March?

Robert A. Hughes

Sounds good.

Laura King-Pazuchowski

I would like to come to the next one as well. Let me know when it happens. Thanks for organizing this!

Midwest Music Mafia

the S-32 sent us some info about starting up a Meet up - and some info about there MU section . Some of our people are doing a Latin dance MU on the 29th of March 2015 and we tossed that out as a possible date - is that OK ? any ideas ?

Virginia Shine

I started a meetup down here in Toledo love the new feature!

Lori Aldape

I just joined and am in the Brooklyn/Jackson Mi area. I would like to know about the nest meetup in the area.

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