Stage 32 Meetups : Baltimore Meetup by Peter A. Schnell

Peter A. Schnell

Baltimore Meetup

It would be great to put together a Baltimore area meetup considering the wide range go talent available in Charm City...I would be happy to pull it together if there is interest.

Sherry Billings

I would be up for it.

W. P. Rigler

I'm north of Baltimore, but would be interested in connecting with local film enthusiasts.

Nhea Duncan

Hey, i'm right in Harford County!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hey Peter - if you pick a day/time/place I can send an email to the members in the Baltimore and surrounding area to help support you :)

Laury Jackson

yes, i am interested. i live northwest of baltimore.

Harlan Roberts

Maybe some weekend afternoon 'cause, during the week, I am one buy hombre.

Peter Holdway

Hi Peter, A meet up in Baltimore would be good. I live between DC and Baltimore, in Silver Spring.

Tommy Griffiths

I'm severely interested! Count me in.

Kevin Perkins

I'd be down. But yes, weekends.

Nicholas Klank

I'm down too and weekends are best for me too.

David Joyner

I'm interested . Weekends for me are also best.

David Norman North

Ditto , lets make it happen

Autumn Weisz

Count me in! Just name the time and place; I'm there...

Bill Bean

I travel just about every weekend but please let me know when you set a date and I will try and be there!

Anel Patricia

OK- sounds good! Can I help?

Kevin Perkins

Peter, I did publicity and promotions in the area for almost 20 years. Let me know if you want a meetup space like the Senator Theatre, Charles Theatre, Rotunda or some such for a big event. Many many other options too.

Jessica Ristau

We could be at either the Balt or DC - prferably if the DC is in MD :)

Carroll Davis

I will attend a meet and greet

Lamont Easter

I'm in!

Barbara Dailey

Depending on date and time, would really like to attend - look forward to networking

Hope Mackenzie Perry

My daughter, Hope, just showed me this & wanted me to see if children are welcome? She is 10 years old. She is extremely passionate about acting. She loves & is very grateful for every opportunity she has had but is working very hard to make her dreams come true. her resume needs to be updated, she did 2 new things this past week. You can also see her latest monologue on her website on the Monologue page or YouTube at: Thank you so much. Sincerely, Melissa, Hope's mom.

Peter A. Schnell

Hi - I don't see any reason why she couldn't attend. Other than not reaching the gas pedal.

David Steele

I live between DC and B'more, so I'm flexible. Very interested in a meetup.

Debbi Mack

I also live between B'more and DC, so I'd be interested.

Nichole Banks

I think this is a great idea! So, is there an on going schedule for this year already?

Kevin Perkins

Any movement on this meeting? I'd be interested in setting one up if enough people are interested.

Hope Mackenzie Perry

Hope would definitely love to attend. Is anything still going to happen?

Crystal Shines

I'm in Virginia, but I work in the B'More market. This would be a great way to build a partnership. I am in the market for an Agent.

Peter A. Schnell

So I suggested a Baltimore area meet-up a while ago and it's I time I follow up for the people that have expressed an interest..Will do so asap

Robert Ferrier

Hey Peter! It's been a while... keep me posted on a B'more meet-up, would love to catch up and meet some folks. Cheers!

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