Stage 32 Meetups : DFW opens its curtain to Stage 32! by Bill Joyce

Bill Joyce

DFW opens its curtain to Stage 32!

Let's make it a reality! I have the place - I even own a meetup we can announce on - All we need now is you and a date for the hoedown... Email me at and let's start something exciting

Louisiana Dalton

I live in San Diego, CA, but will be in the Dallas area for a family reunion & visit 8/30 to 9/14. If your event is within that timeframe, please let me know.

Micaela Hicken

I live in McKinney. If we could find a spot a bit more central, I'm there.

Glenn Rogers

Euless is actually in my neck of the woods! Let's do this! :D

Lumbie Mlambo

This is great and a perfect location for me!

CJ Critt

How about the historic Texas Theater in Oak Cliff. They have an awesome bar, seating areas that are upstairs and downstairs, cheap restaurants near by, great movies that are off beat or seen no where else, and a ton of history. This is an INSPIRED location for film makers and writers and crew. They won't charge us to meet there during their hours of operation and it is near down town Dallas, (near I-30 and I-35) but in much more low key Oak Cliff. This way, who ever can make it can enjoy the meet up aspect of Stage 32 and a great outing, in case the attendance is not all that large. CJ Crittenden 212-695-9349

Bill Joyce

CJ - And you my Texas Neighbors... The answer should be yes to all of you. If we are to create a really dynamic Stage32 Meetup in North Texas it should move around the neighborhood so that every part of our fair Texas can share it hospitality! HERE IS THE REAL Question... Are there 7 brave souls who will stand up to lead this merry band of thespians? Be one of the seven by emailing me at and let's get this off the ground. Now my little family diner has a small stage and a cozy feel right off the highway by the airport. Let's make this one destination for many meeting to come all around the DFW Metroplex! I do so want to get this meetup off the ground... I have so much to learn about the silver screen... Let's make this a real Texas happening!

Micaela Hicken

That sounds awesome CJ. I look forward to meeting everyone, whatever we decide.

Micaela Hicken

Has there been any more discussion on getting together? I'd love to meet you all.

Chavez Palacios

I like the idea presented by CJ Critt. Oak Cliff Texas Theater would be great for a meeting.

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