Stage 32 Meetups : Ft Lauderdale/Miami Meetup? by Antoinette


Ft Lauderdale/Miami Meetup?

I just moved to So FL 2 months ago and would love to meetup in Ft Lauderdale/Miami area. Anyone interested? Maybe Saturday, Sept 20th or 27th?

Lauran Childs

Hi Antoinette, great idea. I'm in South Miami though, about to move more south probably. Do you ever get over here?

Carlos Pena

I'm a little late, but I'd be interested if it happens in the future.


Hi Lauran, I don't mind traveling to wherever the crowd is. But so far, it's just you, Carlos and me :(

Pilar Uribe

I'm super late cuz I just saw this. I live in the Miami area and would love to jump on this bandwagon whenever you meet up again.

Lauran Childs

Hi Pilar, just saw your reply - thanks! So, anyone in South Miami?

Carlos Pena

Yup, FTL. here.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Let us know if you settle on a place -we'll help by sending an email out to members in your area to spread the word about this thread :)

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