Stage 32 Meetups : LA and NY in March by Ruan Lotter

Ruan Lotter

LA and NY in March

Heya All, Anyone up for a meetup in LA or NYC? I will be in LA (9 Feb 2014 -> 16 Feb 2014) and in NYC (16 Feb 2014 -> 23 Feb 2014) Msg me if you will be in the area :) Cheerz! Ruan

Ruan Lotter

Awesome - Are you in LA? Let me know if you want to meetup - I will be there from 9Feb - 16Feb :)

Denise Khumalo

I am in LA as well, which day will work for you?

Michelle Klein-Hass

Anything happening today? I'm local...

Michelle Klein-Hass

If we can't work something out this weekend we should really consider something soon here in the Thirty Mile Zone.

Chris George

I agree, Michelle. It'd be nice to do an L.A. area meetup!

Lucas Tavernier

Where and when? I'm here till 3/11.

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