Stage 32 Meetups : Meet up group in Melbourne, Australia by Brenton Foale

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Brenton Foale

Meet up group in Melbourne, Australia

I am looking for a way to network physically with directors, casting directors, agents and fellow actors in the Melbourne, Australia area. If there are no existing plans to hold a meetup I am extremely keen to host one myself. If anybody is interested please let me know. Thank you

Justin P Bechtold

Hi Brenton, I saw you popped by the Melbourne Screenwriters Workshop FB page, earlier. Melbourne Screenwriters Network have a meetup every month on the last Sunday. There's one this coming weekend. As well as screenwriters, often directors and actors are among the group. You're welcome to come along. If you're interested, I'll send you more details.

Brenton Foale

That would be great, thankyou Justin. Please inbox me the details, I'd love to attend.

Maria D'Urso

Yes, I'm interested. We don't do enough of this in Oz.

Louis Phillips

and don't forget the writers...everything starts here y'know

Louis Phillips

that particular group...hasn't had a meet up since last yr. there is a smorgasbord of other delectable options though...browse.

Brenton Foale

Thanks Louis

Scott McConnell

Hi Guys, I'm giving June 6 a free class in Melbourne on how to create a central conflict for your story. Scott

For Producers and Writers Free Writing Class: How to Develop Your Story's Central Conflict

Former LA producer/showrunner Scott McConnell believes that the key to writing a good story is how well its central conflict is first developed. Only from the seed of a good central conflict can a writer grow a great story tree. Scott also believes that there are objective ways to develop and improve a story’s central conflict and that these can be learned.

Read more about this free writing class on Thursday June 6 in Melbourne Australia.

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