Stage 32 Meetups : Orlando Meetup by Ranelle Golden

Ranelle Golden

Orlando Meetup

Do we have an Orlando meeting? If not, would there be an interest? If yes - let me know when/where. Tks

Pete Hudson

Orlando here.

Ranelle Golden

Pete you are definitely a busy man but if you'd be interested in periodic Networking with other Stage 32 Members let me know. Tks. :-)

Pete Hudson

yeah, I'm very interested.

Michael Tabb

I am in Orlando from time to time as an educator in film. Let me know if a meeting happens, and if I am in town that week, I will try to swing in on a vine and give my best Tarzan holler. Okay... Nix the Tarzan bit.

Michele Hjorleifsson

I live about 1.5 hours away, i'd take a ride for a meet up :)

Brian Mills

I just moved into the area but I am definitely down for a meetup. Did you guys ever organize one?

Pete Hudson

nope. no one ever replied.

Michele Hjorleifsson

Yeah im in port st lucie and no gatherings down this way either

Brie Warder

Orlando here, too!

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