Stage 32 Meetups : San Francisco Meetup by Jeffrey Walesa

Jeffrey Walesa

San Francisco Meetup

Happy New Year to all Stage 32ers!! Looking for interested people to help organize and network a Meetup in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let's kick off the new year with a bang.

Gabriel Lamb

into it!

Gabriel Lamb

How can I help?

Jonathan Kramer

What's the plan for location and/or speaker?

David Christopher Lundell

Keep me in the loop!

Danielle Alban

I'm Interested!

Erin Campion

I'm in Marin... would love to participate/help...

Erin Campion

There are some cool FREE music events at the Presidio "Presidio Session" on Fridays, 6-7:30pm...and the Arguello Club/Restaurant adjoining. (I haven't been there but I love the Presidio). Music caries: classical, jazz, baroque... some place to meet up...?

Lani Finer

I'd be down!

Jonathan Kramer

Erin.. interesting idea... We had a very successful meetup last Feb at 32Ten Studios with about 60 members so we need to get more people interested :)

Erin Campion

De Young Museum... Friday nights... lobby... I'm an art fan so this is where my mind goes.

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