Stage 32 Meetups : Studio City Meet-Up by Christian Ijin Link

Christian Ijin Link

Studio City Meet-Up

Would anyone attend a Studio City meet-up on Sunday afternoon?

Michelle Klein-Hass

Yes, I have been trying to get an indie filmmaker meetup together in the same area. Jumpcut Cafe, maybe?

Michelle Klein-Hass

Bumping this. Anyone interested? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Robb Kettler

i'am thinking studio city is a great place Christin

Barbara Jean Barrielle

i just joined and am in Studio City!

Michelle Klein-Hass

Bumping this again. Indie meetup sometime in May, somewhere in Studio City, CA?

Christina Horgan

I live in Studio City, too. I am totally down for a meet n greet in Studio City.

Renovatio Movies

We're in if you guys haven't met yet.

Laura Eileen Sanchez

That sounds good

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