Stage 32 Meetups : Who is in South East England? by Lord Zion

Lord Zion

Who is in South East England?

If there are enough of us willing, a meet up for those of us in the south east of England would be nice. Kent, Sussex, Surrey. Anyone interested?

Wallace Brown

Yup. Count me in. I'm in (Bromley) Kent. But you know, have train will travel :-)

Arhynn Descy

I'm in Kingston (surrey)....I'd be interested.

Lord Zion

Just saw this was posted in the newsletter so, with any luck, there will be more than 3 of us around!

Peter Coster

I'll make the numbers up to a Quartet :) , I'm in Guildford but happy to meet up

Wallace Brown

So far, looks as if Surrey's leading. Should we stick with 4 or wait or more?

Lord Zion

I'm going to ruin the party as I have to move! Not sure entirely when - only found out last week - but looking at the Wales-ish area..

Wallace Brown

No worries, I'll keep the party going. Have a wonderful move to the green valley :-)

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Keep me posted on when the meetup happens - we'll feature it on Stage 32 :)

Tony Flynn

Im in Brighton, and thinking of organizing something there....

John Wallage

I'm in Ashford, Kent and would love to meet up, work allowing :)

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