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Vincent Knaus
Washington DC area Stage 32 Meetup

Anyone in the DC area interested in getting together for a meet and greet?

Mary Ellen Gavin

Thank YOU! Pick an evening or Sat Afternoon? Does Ashburn sound good to you? Mary Ellen?MEg

Bert L . Morgan

I'm down for that, afternoon is good.

Erika Christie

I already have a film group running in Arlington if you guys are interested. Lots of parking and close to Crystal City Metro. We're always looking for more people. We've just started preproduction on our next project. You can check us out on under Arlington DSLR.

Mary Ellen Gavin

yes, the social is Thursday Night 2/26 in D.C. Hope to See you all there in D.C.. If you did not get invite, write me for details.

Mike Chinea
Paramount Studios June 6 around noon. 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038

Meet by the fountain near the Paramount Theatre just like last year.

Amanda Toney

Hi Mike, can you give us some more information on what this meetup is please?

Mike Chinea

This coincides with Cinegear. Meeting at Paramount Studios gives us a chance to catch up and talk about what we are up to, on going projects etc. I like to meet during the Cinegear Expo because we als...

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Wendy Rakochy
Orange County, Ca Screenwriter's Group

Hello! I am looking to join an OC-centric screenwriter's group, one in which we bring pages and discuss. Any out there?

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Or go on and look there.

Wendy Rakochy

Thank you!

Oscar Viewing Party in Albuquerque

The New Mexico Film Foundation is holding an Oscar Viewing Party at the DoubleTree by Hilton. All you Stage 32 New Mexico folks come on by February 22 beginning at 5pm. Drinks and appetizers are half price.

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Derek White
Hudson Valley / NYC

Independent filmmaker looking for any type of meet up in the tri-state area

Donny Broussard
Lafayette, LA Meet Up

I'm a writer/producer from Lafayette, LA and I'd love to meet up for a few drinks and see what other Stage 32 creative are up to. Anyone interested?

Sabine Mondestin
I`m in L.A for few month

I am looking for great networking events to go to any suggestion? Cheers

Sabine Mondestin

Thank you Brandi :-)

Shawn Speake
Virginia meetup

What's good guys! I'll be in Richmond, Va. from Tuesday the 9th until the middle of March, and I'll start working on the event site for a Meetup as soon as I get to RVA. It will be somewhere on West Broad St. If you're in the area, be on the lookout for S32. We're throwing a party!

Shawn Speake

Hey, Brandi! I don't think too many S32'ers live in Richmond. So far it's looking like me, myself, and I! And Mark LaFever!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

If you are looking for an awesome souvenir to bring back for me, Shawn, I take a size small in a T-shirt. Just sayin'!!!

Sasha Lewis

I spend quite a bit of time in Richmond. I'll definitely be there on the 13th

Shawn Speake

Sounds great, Sasha! When I arrive in Richmond, I'll reach out to you and Mark LaFever. It would have to be after 10p that night because I have class. Do you have a favorite place on West Broad Street?

Mandy Goldstein

Los Angeles Meet-Up on Sunday February 15 / 5:00 PM Screening followed by Meet-Up/Networking Mixer COME SEE WHAT OUR STAGE 32 MEMBERS CAN DO WITH A LITTLE HEART AND DETERMINATION - WHILE NETWORKING WITH EACH OTHER. ____________________ ARENA CINEMA HOLLYWOOD - SCREENING START TIME 5:00 PM 1625 N. La...

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CUT! (Now Playing)
CUT! (Now Playing)
CUT! Independent Television and Film Festival (Indie Fest) Award of Excellence Winner: Best Film Award of Excellence Winner: Best Leading Actor: David Banks Award of Excellence Winner: Best Director:…
Dallas James

Just got email confirmation that my very own personal copy of CUT! is on its way and will be hand delivered to my front door within days! I can't wait to see it on the giant 4K!

David Banks

Woohoo! Can't wait to see what you think Dallas!

David Rountree

That is terrific Dallas!

Antonio Carrasco

So bummed I missed this one!!!

Dallas James

Loved it! Excellent direction and awesomely acted. Thanks for shooting this in the style that you did. I truly appreciate the thriller aspects and the restraint from turning the piece into gore. P.S....

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Jeffrey Walesa
San Francisco Meetup

Happy New Year to all Stage 32ers!! Looking for interested people to help organize and network a Meetup in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let's kick off the new year with a bang.

Erin Campion

I'm in Marin... would love to participate/help...

Erin Campion

There are some cool FREE music events at the Presidio "Presidio Session" on Fridays, 6-7:30pm...and the Arguello Club/Restaurant adjoining. (I haven't been there but I love the Presidio). Music caries: classical, jazz, baroque... some place to meet up...?

Lani Finer

I'd be down!

Jonathan Kramer

Erin.. interesting idea... We had a very successful meetup last Feb at 32Ten Studios with about 60 members so we need to get more people interested :)

Erin Campion

De Young Museum... Friday nights... lobby... I'm an art fan so this is where my mind goes.

Ye Er

Just wanted to publicly thank STAGE32 for the Happy Writers Party in L.A.! I should do this months ago. :-) The advice I got from a special lady at the party for my script is just so wonderful! Just wanted to thank RB for the introduction!

Amanda Toney

So great you were able to make it there!

Sasha Lewis
Vegas Creatives Networking Meetup, Final details.

Come meet some new folks in your industry! 7pm Wednesday, February 11th at the Aria Cafe on the Strip. Hope to see you there!

Robin Juliet


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