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Ashley Byrne
Astoria, Queens, NY - Meet Up?

Hello my fellow Astorians! I'm looking to connect with some creatives in the Astoria area. I know there are a lot of you out there... Please reply here if you are interested and I will set something up! It'd be great to meet up in the Astoria Kaufman Arts District area. Looking forward to meeting you!

Lawrence R. Kotkin

Alexander, as we have yet to create this group...that is, we haven't yet met, I'm sure you're quite welcome to just show up. Kind of like what I'm doing: tonight is SUPPOSED to be at 7pm at Sunswick,...

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Jordan Yanco

I'll be at Sunswick Astoria 7pm. Might try to wear a bright red NJ Devils hat so I'm easily recognizable when the Rangers Game is on

Lawrence R. Kotkin

Whew....i don't have any soccer hats, so I'll have to settle for a NY Mets hat... If my wife saw me wearing that, she'd eviscerate me. With a dull butterknife.

Lawrence R. Kotkin

Forget the hat, I'm going with balding surrounded by a surrey with a white fringe.

Peter Lawton

Has there been any meetups yet?

Anil Agnihotri
Meetups in AFM

Hello Friends. Please update, if anyone attending AFM ( American Film Market) In Nov this year. lets plan and meet Hope to see you their. God Bless. Inbox me ...

Anil Agnihotri

just give me few days, I will update my plans Wayne...God Bless

Erin Dooley

I'm going to be there from Nov 7-12.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hope you will join us at AFM:

Anil Agnihotri

Sure I will

Anil Agnihotri

Friends,, my visit to AFM is scheduled 7th onwards..pls inbox me for meetups and try to leave your email addresses and phone numbers,,will update you the USA phone number on 7th,,

MeetUp in Hamburg- Germany!

Hey Guys, let's meet up in Hamburg, Germany. We could just socialize or even have weekly rehearsals together. Let me know if anyone interested. :-)

Amanda Toney

Aida, once you pick out a specific date and place I can send out a mailer to everyone in the Hamburg area. :)

Aida Golghazi

Thanks Shannon :)

Johanna Miklos
November 2014 palm beach county - fl - meetup

I'm moving to West Palm Beach in November and would love to meet Florida artists in the area.

Laurie Ashbourne

Hi, Johanna - I'm north of Palm Beach county. It's a crazy busy time for me with travel and obligations through the holidays, but I know there are a few of us in the nearby area. Maybe we can set a date?

Johanna Miklos

The weekend of the 15th/16th. I will post definite date & time and venue by the 13th. A great Sunday everyone. See you in Florida!

Nick Barder
NYC metro area Meet Up

I'll organize a Meet Up for the New York metro area (inc. New Jersey, New York City and close upstate areas as long as there's enough interest - Let me know if interested in meeting on a regular basis, where you're from and where you'd prefer us to meet.. (

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Tyron Martin

Who do we contact i wanaa go to the new york meet and greet.can whoever is in charge put me on the list please

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi Roman and Nick and Tyron - there's a pretty big NYC Stage 32 meetup forming here: All you have to do is respond in the th...

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Andrew Mondia

I am visiting NYC next month arriving 16th and leaving 22nd. Would love to go to a meetup if one is arranged during my stay.

Jennifer Tyrrell

I would love to attend a meet up as well! Are there any planned for October?

Mehdya Fassi Fihri

I will move to NYC in december - Any plans after December 16 I am in ;)

Ft Lauderdale/Miami Meetup?

I just moved to So FL 2 months ago and would love to meetup in Ft Lauderdale/Miami area. Anyone interested? Maybe Saturday, Sept 20th or 27th?


Hi Lauran, I don't mind traveling to wherever the crowd is. But so far, it's just you, Carlos and me :(

Pilar Uribe

I'm super late cuz I just saw this. I live in the Miami area and would love to jump on this bandwagon whenever you meet up again.

Lauran Childs

Hi Pilar, just saw your reply - thanks! So, anyone in South Miami?

Carlos Pena

Yup, FTL. here.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Let us know if you settle on a place -we'll help by sending an email out to members in your area to spread the word about this thread :)

Mathilda Paradeiser
Stage 32 meet up Manhattan First week of December

Hi I posted this a week ago and had some good feedback. I am in Manhattan and it's my first trip to New York. I will be there first week of December. Would love to maybe meet some people to network with. Other actors would be fantastic, even if just for a coffee. I don't know many places. Traveling...

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Stage 32 Staff - Julie

You should connect with Mylo Carbia - she's a great person to know in Manhattan!

Los Angeles or San Diego meet up?

Hi everyone! My name is Maite, I'm a Spanish actress willing to start a career over there. (You can check my profile or my page which I'll be translating into English soon!! I'm travelling to San Diego next November, and I'll stop by LA too, so I am wondering if anyone...

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David Karner

I'll be in town for that one.

Maite Urrutia

Hey! That sounds great! Hopefully I can make it, but I'm not sure yet, since I'll get to the States on Nov.11th, and must be in San Diego on the 4th Dec. But I do want to meet up!

David Hepburn Watson

Hi David, I'm a composer from Scotland and I'll be in LA from 3 November for 2 weeks - are there any meet-ups in that time? How do I find out? Thanks David

David Hepburn Watson

Thanks David - I'll try to make it!

David Hepburn Watson

Thanks very much for the suggestion - Google maps tell me it's a 2 hour drive from my hotel, and it's the same night as another meeting in LA, so I don't think I'll be there. I'm heading for home 14th November. Thanks for the thought.

Cynthia Garbutt
3rd Anniversary Party in LA

Hi Guys. I found the link for the Livestream. I watched some of it, but got disconnected. The internet in the Europe is so unreliable. I'd like to see more of the party; but now I can't find the link again. Does anyone know where to locate it on stage32?

Amanda Toney

Hey Cynthia, you should check out today's blog : There are 3 videos from the party :)

Cynthia Garbutt

Hi Shannon. Thank you.

Paul Howard
in DUBLIN, IRELAND next week.....

Excited to be heading to Dublin next week (Monday 9/29) for the first time. I'll be working there but should have some free time here and there to explore... it would be great to connect with like minded individuals on my down time... maybe meet up with a photographer to do a shoot or....? I'm open....

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Princene Moore

I'm not a local,but I LOVE Ireland--you are fortunate to be there. There are so many things to see, and just being with the Irish people is a great experience. If you get a chance to hang out with the...

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Propshop Chicago

--completely agree. The best advice is to hike, chat, imbibe a little, eat, explore. Have you the time to go west, Doolin, Connemara, Keem Bay?

Amanda Toney

Merchants Arch bar, right outside Temple Bar area, has the best live music in Dublin in my opinion. I just got back from my second trip to Ireland this year, so PM me if you want/need advice on places to go :)

Paul Howard

Thanks everyone!!! I had a blast in Ireland... worked a ton, but I DID get a little time to explore!! Amazing country, amazing people!!

Peter A. Schnell
Baltimore Meetup

It would be great to put together a Baltimore area meetup considering the wide range go talent available in Charm City...I would be happy to pull it together if there is interest.

Kevin Perkins

Any movement on this meeting? I'd be interested in setting one up if enough people are interested.

Hope Mackenzie Perry

Hope would definitely love to attend. Is anything still going to happen?

Crystal Shines

I'm in Virginia, but I work in the B'More market. This would be a great way to build a partnership. I am in the market for an Agent.

Peter A. Schnell

So I suggested a Baltimore area meet-up a while ago and it's I time I follow up for the people that have expressed an interest..Will do so asap

Robert Ferrier

Hey Peter! It's been a while... keep me posted on a B'more meet-up, would love to catch up and meet some folks. Cheers!

Tracy Renee
Doylestown PA / Bucks County Meet & Greet?

I see there are a bunch of us in and around the Doylestown PA area. Wondering if anyone wants to organize with me, a gathering on a regular, semi-regular, every now and then or sporadic cuz our lives are chaotic basis? :). Please PM me and lets see what shakes loose. Don't have an agenda as of yet s...

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Tracy Renee

Status is, I had surgery in December and everything kinda got lost in the catchup lol. Anyone wants to help pull this together, please send me a private message so we can pull it together :) thanks!

Bill Hartin

Hope your surgery went well, Tracy. If one of the original goals of this pending meet-up was to stay close to Doylestown and perhaps attract folks from the Philly area, then this option probably won't...

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George 'Jordy' Wallace

As I said earlier, I'd come in from Lancaster for this! I used to live in D'town...there's a decent library there...possibly there's a back room for meetings like this would be that we could use, or, the Starbucks like someone mentioned, or, or...Anyway, I have lots of music to share!!

Allen Clark

I just went to a meet and greet here in the city wednesday. They were saying they will do it once a month if any are interested ill put up the info when given...

Bill Hartin

Just a reminder in case you missed my earlier post - FIFO will meet next Tuesday, 2/3, 6:30 p.m. at Two Rivers Brewing Company, 542 Northampton St., Easton, PA. We will be discussing production needs for our upcoming three short films currently in pre-pro. Hope to see you there.

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