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First Lead Role in a Feature Film!

I just wanted to share my dream news in landing my first lead role in a feature film. I have so far had a nice and smooth progression in my acting career lately. Acting as a lead in a short film at the end of 2016 to now acting as a lead in a feature film really makes me feel very fortunate. I'm sav...

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Philip Sedgwick

Good on ya! Keep us posted on the film's progress.

Sai Natarajan

Hey, well done! That's such a wonderful dream to achieve. I hope it takes you further.

Abhishek Singh

best of luck.. and congrats.!!

Vladislav Nogin


Natalie J Heslop

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. As an actor and general creative to have someone like a film maker believe in you and help you achieve your dreams is really a great pinnacle and pers...

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My latest script made the finals!

Very excited to announce my latest screenplay, "Siren Song - The Mechele Linehan Story" made the finals in the California Women's Film Festival. This was the first contest I entered this script into, so doubly exciting that it made it that far right out of the gates!

Stephen Barber

Outstanding, Jody!

Christopher Binder


G.s. Ford


Carisia Switala


G.s. Ford


Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Nicholas Edmunds, an Actor from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "The ER: A student scene for directing actors". Congratulations!

Gersh Requested a Meeting

Morgan Long at Gersh requested a meeting after reading my TV pilot, Nighthawks.

Christof Davis

Congratulations Mark!

James Drago

Gersh has their stuff together. Hope it works out, Mark.

Izzibella Beau

That's awesome, Mark

Sadie Dean

Incredible! Congrats, Mark!!!! Keep us posted on how it goes :)

Mark Laing

Nicely done old chap!

Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Joshua Kogutek, an Actor from London, Canada was just hired for the project titled "Malicious Attack Extra's (Students)". Congratulations!

The Black Salt martial arts Minifeature acquires a DVD distribution deal with Sunset Home Visual Entertainment

Thanks to our fans the Black Salt Minifeature is turning into a Cult Classic. More distribution deals and the HBO numbers continue to rise.

Vladislav Nogin


The Key of 3 successful Kickstarters!

Hello guys! I recently directed a Sci-Fi pilot "00/CYBORGS", you can watch the first episode here , so far we raised $16,000 already and the pilot was watch 220,000 times. This is my forth Kickstarter, and so far each of them as been successful. I hope one of these days I will have...

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Leonardo Corbucci is raising funds for 00/CYBORGS on Kickstarter! Post Apocalypse Sci-Fi Series Pilot needs help for the MOST EPIC BATTLE SCENE ever between Humans, Robots and Cyborgs. Be part of it!
Requested by Moniker Entertainment!

Just had my original screenplay entitled "Suing God" requested by Gregory Zanfardino of Moniker Entertainment via Virtual Pitchfest! That's the second screenplay request I've gotten this week! It's been an exciting week for me! LOL. Wish me luck, gang! I'll let you know how it goes!

Vladislav Nogin

That's great news Jaime, congrats and good luck! ;)

Jaime Medina

Thanks again, Vlad!

Wayne Mathias

Congratulations, Jaime! I just had a script request from an online pitch earlier today. We must be doing something right!

Jaime Medina

Congrats to you as well, Wayne! Let me know how it goes!

Requested by Zero Gravity Management!

I just had my original screenplay entitled "Sister Christian" requested by Zero Gravity Management! I made my pitch via Virtual Pitch Fest, but I honed my pitching skills right here on Stage 32! Got my fingers crossed! Check out the log line for "Sister Christian" on my profile page!! 

Jaime Medina

I see. How long have you been waiting? Good luck, regardless!!!

Becca-Chris M

Congrats, Jaime! Exciting.

Jaime Medina

Thanks, Becca!

Wayne Taylor

I think a few weeks. I had someone (from a diff company)send me a nice "pass" email in December. I had no idea who they were at first, and then realized I had sent them a script to read almost a year ago. Good luck to you too.

Jaime Medina

Thanks, Wayne!

Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Cailin Coane, an Actor from Lawrenceville, Georgia was just hired for the project titled "Seeking Extras for a movie trailer". Congratulations!

Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Marissa Sety, an Actor from McDonough, Georgia was just hired for the project titled "Seeking Extras for a movie trailer". Congratulations!

Turns Out I'm a Screenwriter

So I'm in L.A. during what turned out to be the "Storm of the Century". Now stuck in a hotel with my wife & daughter and yet there are no dark skies hanging over this hotel. That's because the meetings I had this week (one set up through Stage 32) have helped land me some of the greatest opportuniti...

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