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Music Composer hired through Stage 32 Jobs
Aleksandar Zavisin, a Music Composer from Vršac, Serbia was just hired for the project titled "Short Film needs crew in Callahan, Fl". Congratulations!
Feature Film


The BIG news has finally arrived! I will be directing my FIRST feature film that I wrote! I'm so EXCITED about this journey! This is my BABY! Show me some love and support! I already have a GREAT cast and crew behind this! PLEASE share this post with all of your family & friends! ❤ SHARE!!!!!
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Click here to support Trapped In Schizophrenia by Carlos Anos Valenzuela
Click here to support Trapped In Schizophrenia by Carlos Anos Valenzuela
We are an awarding Filmaker s in the St. Louis area. And we have a great story to tell written and will be directed by Julie M. Hale. The Team: Julie M. Hale known for her work that's been accepted in…
Julie M. Hale
I agree with what you are saying Shawn and very appreciative. So thank you! 
  • 16 hours ago
Philip Sedgwick
Congrats, Julie. Here's to a fabulous shoot, an easy edit and great acclaim.
Julie M. Hale
Thank you Philip! 
  • 6 hours ago
Claudia Marinelli
Congratulations Julie, it's just wondeful news, I'll share that right away!

  • 5 hours ago
Claudia Marinelli
Would you take a look at my fb page for the short I?ll direct in 2017?
  • 5 hours ago
Comic Book Kickstarter Put Together With Stage32 Talent Achieves 42% of Funding in First Day!
Yesterday I went live with my kickstarter for the comic book conversion of my screenplay about the only two women in world history to be able to call themselves ace fighter pilots. 24 hours later, and my backers have already guaranteed the success of the project by delivering 43% of its goal. 

I wanted to take a minute to thank Stage32 for helping me to achieve this milestone. I learned a great deal from the Stage32 webinar on “How to Use Crowdfunding to Turn Your Film Project into a Reality.” 

I’ve learned from the numerous Stage32 pitch sessions I’ve bought that Hollywood has three specific reservations about my screenplay: 1. Features two female leads; 2. Period piece set in WW II which makes it expensive; 3. The complete lack of an Asian or American character makes it a tough sell in the two main movie markets. 

Jared Barrel or Loaded Barrel Studios taught me in a Stage32 webinar that comic books can function as an important intermediate step between a screenplay and a movie. Comics make the film easier to visualize and, unlike screenplays, are directly marketable to the public. Furthermore, as I learned from Producer Regina Lee (whom I meet through Stage32), the success of the comic book finding an audience will draw the attention of production companies. 

Stage32 was critical in helping me radically change my approach from just another screenwriter hoping Hollywood would produce his screenplay to a comic creator taking his story straight to the masses. More than that, Stage32 was where I turned to when I needed the talent to put my Kickstarter together. 

I learned from my webinar, that I needed a slick video to make the campaign happen. But where to find a video editor? Well, I hired mine straight from Stage32 jobs. And I think he did a great job. Here’s the link so you can judge for yourself.

As you can see from the video, we used voice talent to make the comic book come to life. I think you already know where I found the voice talent. 
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White Lily Miniseries - Issue #1 Expanded Print Run
White Lily Miniseries - Issue #1 Expanded Print Run
Preston Poulter is raising funds for White Lily Miniseries - Issue #1 Expanded Print Run on Kickstarter! We've created the first issue of a comic about two real WWII-era female combat pilots in histor…
Voice Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs
Hayley Kelley, a Voice Actor from Hartford, Connecticut was just hired for the project titled "Left Hook (Animated Feature Film)". Congratulations!
Glen Kinnaird
Richard "RB" Botto
Great news, Hayley. Been fun to watch this project grow.
  • 5 days ago
Hayley Kelley
Thanks guys... 
I can't believe it happened just like that ! Thanks Stage 32 site owners and the crew .
Hey : Every one , i woulld like to share good news with every one here over my achievement on this site in shortest period of time , i have just signed release with Alex Pop as a second unit director and producer for his up coming documentary SOFTWARNING HARD . Alex and I, met on this site this year in April as he was looking for unit director from Uganda , since that time we have been negotiating our working terms till we agreed on 28th of May 2013 , I'm so happy . thanks stage 32 . CHEERS EVERY ONE . Expand post
Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert
Awesome news indeed Julian :) You must be floating a couple of inches above the ground lol!
Heather Hale
WHO HOO! Huge congrats! ;-)
  • 2 years ago
Denise Turney
  • 1 week ago
Julie Kendall
Awesome news!!! Congrats!!
  • 1 week ago
Andrew D Ford
Way to go Alex!..LOL
  • 2 days ago
Thank you Stage32 from The EllieB Block Party Show
2+ years ago, I had a little time on my hands and wanted to support talent who were working tirelessly to launch their craft and projects. I was advised to go to an entertainment education site called, Stage32. Mind you, while I had been in television, radio and production for 30 years, I had never been anywhere near the entertainment industry; I knew no one. It was my fantasy to be in show biz, but I figured I was long past starting a career in the industry. So, I decided I would do what I loved best as a service to the industry: use my unique presentation style to launch talent & projects from around the globe. I posted one single post in the Stage32 Lounge stating I had some extra time on my hands for PR and promoting, ‘hey, I am here to support.’ Within a week, I was promoting 7 films in 6 countries. Two years later, and The EllieB Block Party is a bona fide global brand: 300,000+ supporters and 10,000+ hours of end-to-end production *photoshoots, red carpets, promotion, editing, producing and hosting events* We estimate that across social media, I have blasted out and responded to over 1 million posts of promotional support. Countless talent and projects have been successfully launched. Charity is a huge part of the block party mission statement: classrooms in Nepal have been built and dozens of charities supported in PR consultation and marketing campaigns. And, now, my fantasy of a 70s style variety/talk television show is in full pitch. It has literally been one suburban grandmother’s vision for a global talent movement, and it has all been developed live on the world stage. Thankfully, Stage32 has been both inspirational and invaluable support. Richard Botto and team are true champions of the arts and have created a much needed game-changer for the industry. For this I will be eternally grateful. I no longer have any time to spare. But that’s okay because I have never been more joyful, fulfilled and excited for the future. Hopefully, I will successfully gain representation (agents don’t know what to do with an EllieB!) and also successfully pitch the show. It will be my best and greatest way I can continue to support the arts and unleash global talent, films and projects. THANK YOU STAGE32 blessings, ellieb IMDb – Ellie B Brown Twitter – 6packgrammie Twitter – EllieBparty Instagram – 6packgrammie Youtube – EllieB Block Party Productions lots of developing FB and Pinterest pages, too! PR blog: Expand post
Stephen Foster
"never give up!" Ruth Gordon who won HER Oscar at age 72
James Drago
Ellie, thank you for posting all of this. Has my mind spinning. After over a decade in the industry, I'm moving in some new directions this year. It's scary, but exhilarating at the same time. Your last post sparked an idea that I am going to put into action today.
Richard "RB" Botto
Looks like you're inspiring many, Ellie! Rewarding!
Ellie B Brown
oh my goodness it is like giving cat nip to your neighbors cat .. your are hilariously excited but really no one would understand why :)

Huge shout out to my S32 Network, Lyle DeRose and Dave McCrea, for making this possible. Shooting starts Jan. 28. Check us out on FaceBook: @BIGBOSSFILMS ... We're stoked!
Dan Guardino
Again good luck with your project.
Izzibella Beau
Shawn, you're an inspiration to all of us. I wish you the best of luck in this project and the thousand more that will surely come your way.
Andrew Bee
Fantastic, Shawn! Have a wonderful time filming.
LindaAnn Loschiavo
You're rocking it, Shawn.  Good wishes.
Thank you Lee Chavis and Stage 32!
Andrew Bee shared The Last Immortal's post.
21 hrs ·

THIS IS AMAZING! All because of @Stage32. My gratitude to Lee Chavis who has written a terrific script.
The Last Immortal
Yesterday at 4:29pm ·

We are thrilled to announce that Andrew Bee (Navy One-Star Admiral in ‘Suicide Squad’) has joined 'The Last Immortal' cast as TV reporter/host “Robert Crawley.” Welcome aboard, Andrew! We’re honored to have you in our family!
Andrew Bee
Andrew Bee, Actor: Suicide Squad. Andrew Bee is an actor and producer, known for Suicide Squad (2016), Saving Hope (2012) and Fading Light (2015).

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Andrew Bee
Andrew Bee
Andrew Bee, Actor: Suicide Squad. Andrew Bee is an actor and producer, known for Suicide Squad (2016), Saving Hope (2012) and Fading Light (2015).
the value of NETWORKING on Stage32
I'll be honest, I'm not the greatest "actor" in the world. I'm a mix of Woody Allen and Bette Midler and often people don't know what to do with me. I had to make paths for my career! However, I do a lot of networking! I reach out to directors, I reach out to writers! The first thing I "booked" from networking at Stage 32 was "Hidden Hills". This lead to 2 more indie films and 2 web series AND an award-winning comedy short! I believe in the motto: DO the work and then WORK THAT WORK! Expand post
Vanar Jaddou
Since you're such a good networker and people person, perhaps you should also become a manager/agent, in addition to an actor. I see a lot of people doing this nowadays.
Leonard D. Hilley II
If you don't put yourself and your work out there, it's unlikely you'll get discovered. It's even rarer for someone else to do this for you (unless you're fortunate enough to have an agent). I love Stage 32. The networking is great.
Roderick E. Stevens
My question for all you fine folks isn't about the 'value' of networking. I get that. I'm wondering about the actual mechanics of it. I know it sounds like common sense, but please indulge me and assu Expand comment
Glen Kinnaird
Wow Stephen, that is really awesome! Way to GO!
Stephen Foster
@ Roderick I joke and call it "netwerking" coz basically you are trying to enroll people to believe in you and your work! As an actor, I used my reel to pitch directly to directors on Stage 32 who mig Expand comment
I took a project out of the trash can and succeeded!
It was May of 2016 and another creative project I was featured in was stalled out and in the dust bin! The comedy short was called "That's Opportunity Knocking". As an actor, these blows are devastating. But a friend at my "day job" told me about her short she was submitting via Film Freeway. I said to myself, "I have a comedy short!" and started looking for HOW! I watched Stage 32's Next Level Education course "Is there a market for you short film?" by David Paterson which gave me tips and suggestions and in just ONE MONTH, we were in and winning film festivals! To date, we have won 8 awards and are already in 5 Film Festivals for 2017! And you want to know my "secret"? It's called working the work. Your work only BEGINS when you get a film completed and into festivals! The "selling" of the work is always the toughest for creatives! I know I've been out in the trenches selling my acting, my scripts, books and now films. It's always work, Work, WORK! Expand post
Stephen Foster
thank you James!
Beth Geyer
Killing it, Stephen. Congrats!
Stephen Foster
Thank you Beth
Glen Kinnaird
Another Great One Stephen! Go, you are on a roll!
Stephen Foster
@Glen, thank you! I'm having so much fun
The number of views from the Black Salt Minifeature just continues to sore on all Cinemax platforms
We would like to thank all our fans, cast and crew for your continued support. If you have not seen the film you can go to Cinemax on demand or purchase the Limited Edition Minifeature DVD at:
Black Salt Store Front
Black Salt Store Front
Black Salt Store Front - Just another WordPress site
Glen Kinnaird
I knew this would get lots of attention. You are on your way.
  • 6 days ago
Owen Ratliff
Thank you Glen!
  • 5 days ago
Producer hired through Stage 32 Jobs
Stanley N. Lozowski, a Producer from New York City, New York was just hired for the project titled "Hegira sci-fi film series". Congratulations!
Andrew Bee
Excellent! Congratulations.
James Drago
Hope it's a smash, Stanley.
Thomas Lee Howell
I was taught to write a screenplay by Emmy Award winner Lee Levinson. I have similar offers for other producers and several projects available. I put up the script, my company resources including stab Expand comment
Andre Hillard
Hey Stan, Congrats..It was funny to see your post right underneath ours..I was like, hey, I know that name...Hope you have much success..BTW we currently have 3 distribution offers...