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Editor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Roland Fahnbulleh Jr, an Editor from Uncasville, Connecticut was just hired for the project titled "Cosmic Brothers ". Congratulations!

Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Michael Matasci, a Screenwriter from Brooklyn, New York was just hired for the project titled "Need a first draft for two horror shorts". Congratulations!

Serge Martinenko

Well done Michael!


Just found out today that my feature has 100% funding. It's a great day. To be honest, I really didn't think it would happen but it did lol!
I'm going to be Vlogging my experience producing/directing this feature from prep through distro.

Jeff Langham

Another congrats! It will be interesting hearing about the journey from now until distro. Hope all goes well!

April Ranck


Paulina Lagudi
Rob Jones i'll be documenting my experience via a weekly vlog series. if this is something you'd like to stay up to date on, just message me your email.
Vijay Siddharth

Wow.. awesome news.. All the best Paulina..

Camera Operator hired through Stage 32 Jobs

AJ ElGammal, a Camera Operator from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "Cinematagrapher". Congratulations!

Screenplay requested

A representative from Amasia Entertainment requested my horror screenplay, "Clown Night" after receiving the pitch through Stage 32. It's just one step of many but I am confident it will be on a screen, large or small, one day. Thank you to this site for the helping hand.

Nathan Hickey

Thanks, all.

Jorge J Prieto

Excellent news, make us all proud, sir.

Aray Brown


Patricia White

Best of luck. The pic is scary! Way to go!

Robert Franklin

all the best!

Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Billionna Olivia Reyes, an Actor from Austin, Texas was just hired for the project titled "Cast and Crew". Congratulations!

Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

DeAndre Jones, an Actor from Richmond, Virginia was just hired for the project titled "Cast and Crew". Congratulations!

Music Composer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Shanika Freeman, a Music Composer from Baltimore, Maryland was just hired for the project titled "Cosmic Brothers ". Congratulations!

Omawumi Ikomi Aka Oma

Smile and Stay Positive.

Omawumi Ikomi Aka Oma

Great Ideas can be found in the most unusual of places .keep your head up, ears alert and eyes open.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Oma!

Shanika Freeman

Thank you. :)

Jorge J Prieto

Congratulations, Shanika. Make us proud!

"12 Feet Deep" Release

Hi, Everyone - I'm super happy to announce the release on 6/20/17 of the script I co-wrote, "12 Feet Deep". It will be available online via Amazon, Vudu, iTunes and other streaming platforms. It stars Diane Farr, Nore-Jane Noone, Alexandra Park and Tobin Bell (Jigsaw himself!). I hope you will be ab...

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Michael Hultquist

Haha, Jeff, will do!

Babz Bitela, President/Silver Bitela Agency/WGA

as much as I love that concept I'm one of those who could not watch it; talk about making someone feel something, oh man that trailer made me feel all right; pure terror. bb

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, sir. You make us all proud here at Stage 32.

Christopher Wisniewski

Congratulations! 12 Feet Deep on Vudu should be good.

Michael Hultquist

8/10 from That's GREAT! They're pretty tough on ratings.

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Concept Artist hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Timo Elliott, a Concept Artist from Provo, Utah was just hired for the project titled "Graphic Novel Artist". Congratulations!

Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Stephanie James, an Actor from North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California was just hired for the project titled "Wendy Freshner's Summer Jobs". Congratulations!

Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci Fi Screenwriting Contest quarterfinals

It's premature to call this a success story, but ... I'm on the list! :D Winnie Khaw Dream Rehearsal I was driving when I saw the notification email, and during a slowdown I thought I might as well get depressed about not placing right then and afterward try to move on with my day. When I saw my name ...

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Jeff Langham

Congrats Winnie! Take all the positive you can because there's plenty of rejection out there for us. I've had the same thing happen to me. On one contest, I hadn't heard anything so I checked the site...

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Anthony Moore

Congratulations. My script, "Stellar Drift" is also a finalist. NEVER be depressed about your writing. Every reader is looking for something different. Just because one or more contests don't choose y...

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James Drago

Congratulations to you all. Good luck with the next round.

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