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Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Ry Graves, a Screenwriter was just hired for the project titled "Horror / Thriller Co-Writer - Any Location". Congratulations!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Photographer (Still) hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Paco Vazquez, a Photographer (Still) from San Juan, Puerto Rico was just hired for the project titled "We Welcome Guests ". Congratulations!

Donnalyn Vojta


Donnalyn Vojta
JUST SOLD my paranormal horror short! The Visitor

Stage 32 provided me with a place to showcase my loglines and film synopses, and, sure enough, the placement paid off! I highly recommend Stage32 to any writers seeking to sell their original scripts. The Visitor is set for production in 2020 by Atton Films Entertainment and director, C'airra Cortex.

Matthew Barker

Wow! Congratulations, Donnalyn Vojta !!!!!

Phil Clarke

Brava, Donnalyn!

Laszlo Adam

Just wow! Congratulation!

Donnalyn Vojta

Thanks you, everyone for all of the congrats, but the film won’t be made. The producer’s funding fell through. Maybe next year.

Laszlo Adam

No way... I am sorry about that..:(

Steven Michael
Voted a Semi-Finalist

Had to pick myself up off the floor when I found out my second script, OUR BETTER ANGELS, made the semi-finals of the Shoot Your Sizzle competition. There are 100 semi-finalists, so I'm not that hyper about it.

I joked with my wife that the total number of entries must have been 102.

Ally Shina

102, funny guy. Congrats.

Tony Martinez

I am very grateful and honored that my short film "The Nature of Man" won "Best Experimental Film" at yesterday's "Hollywood Art and Movie Awards Film Festival in Santa Monica yesterday. It was a great experience to meet so many talented filmmakers, composers, and screenwriters.

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Michelle Foster

Congratulations!! :-)

I'm not generally one for experimental films, but this was beautifully captivating!

Nick Eff


Pat Savage

Tony Martinez Congrats it's a great piece

Allen Lynch

Congratulations Tony!

Austin film festival

I am so excited to announce that the origin story ”Luana” that sets up my fantasy saga ”Legacy” was SHORTLISTED to SEMIFINALIST status at The Austin Film Festival!!!!

Angel Strong ( Thandi's Love)


Rob Jones

That's awesome, Congratulations.

Danielle R Erlich

Thank you everyone!! Your support means the world to me.

Nicky Mondellini

That's amazing, congratulations Danielle!

Augusto Federico Amador
TV Fellowship

Very excited to share that I have been selected for the 2019 Disney/NBC/NHMC TV Writers program .

Kerry Wagner


Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy


Peter Dowd


Melanie Star Scot

Well, that is just awesome! Congrats!!

Nicky Mondellini

That's wonderful Augusto!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Graphic Designer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Karen Keslen, a Graphic Designer from Ponta Grossa, Brazil was just hired for the project titled "MR CLEAN - graphic designer (posters)". Congratulations!

Christopher M. Rutledge
Trombone Jones - 2nd Official Selection

Once again...

Trombone Jones - 2nd Official Selection

Stage 32 Job Alert
Director hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Sonia Sebastián, a Director from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "Kristel". Congratulations!

Alyxandrya Prynce

Thanks to Script and Storyboard Showcase, "On My Radar" has officially been listed as a Nominee for BEST SERIES SCRIPT. James and I are both incredibly excited and honored! The TV Series is also being considered for 9 other awards!

Synopsis: Ichor Vail, an alternative to a dying Earth, is discovere...

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January 2020 selection
January 2020 selection
BEST FEATURE SCRIPT VilnaMatt Huston Rough Trade Howard Casner Along the Fortune TrailHarvey Goodman ParallaxConnor Rielly Last of the GnosticsDon Durrett On The RunKaren Conley and H. Hunt Burdick Ch…
Shawn Gale - Author

All your toil is paying off. Kudos!

Octavia Griffin

I was able to see a play I wrote some years ago come to life on stage in a 10 minute festival with other local playwrights

Debbie Croysdale

Congratulations Octavia. Play’s are obviously performed. “live “ as opposed to scenes in a film that can be shot again, behind closed doors. I remember the adrenalin hitting max levels in front of crowds, when it just has to be right on the night.

Shawn Gale - Author


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