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Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy
The Other Austen Girl Wins at Austen Under The Stars Film Festival

I'm pleased to announce the The Other Austen Girl won the Best Texas Feature Award for screenplays.

Felix Boahen

congratulations, Phillip.

Philip Sedgwick

Oh yea, Mr. Hardy. Well done (yet again)!

Anthony Lucas
Semi finalist

Just noticed I'm a semi finalist for creative screenwriting unique voices competition. Thought it was a spam email at first and was just about the delete it!!!

Kevin Gamble
GEORGIE sold out show

I am very happy to learn that GEORGIE sold at the upcoming Alamo Drafthouse screening in Austin Texas. My job was audio post engineering, and music score collaboration. This film is truly one of a kind, and an interesting experience.

Drago Lazetich
Award-winning short-film Little Milo

I'm a filmmaker with an award-winning short film called Little Milo that I would like to introduce to you with this link.

LITTLE MILO is a powerful and emotional drama-comedy about a young man and his controversial choices.

THE ERA: Starting from the date of June 16, 2...

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LITTLE MILO is a powerful and emotional drama-comedy about a young man and his controversial choices. THE ERA: Starting from the date of June 16, 2015 to November 8, 2016, the American political lands…
Stage 32 Job Alert
Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Sophia Natania Rubin, an Actor from Tucson, Arizona was just hired for the project titled "zombies needed for comedy scene". Congratulations!

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats, Sophia. Looking forward to seeing this film on Halloween Eve!

Lesley Lillywhite

Excellent, Sophie, it's on the calendar to go see you & Joel Foster's project @ The Screening Room !!

Maurice Vaughan


Lesley Lillywhite
Best Screenplay @ Arizona Film Expo

This Wonderful inaugural event presented by Daryl Mallett & Caribou Moving Pictures, awarded my script "Unbridled," as Best Screenplay. While accepting my award, lovely & gracious Miss Barbara Eden smiled at me from her VIP seat, herself being the honored guest celebrity. Also honored (although unab...

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Philip Sedgwick

You go, Lesley! It was amazing and fantastic watching you accept your award. What an fabulous night of Arizona film accolades. How great to be an integral part of Arizona film history!

Sophia Natania Rubin

so excited for you!

Lesley Lillywhite

Lela & people were asking about you, Where were you...I told them you & Avai were filming w/ the FAW gang.

Lesley Lillywhite
Wallachia International Film Fesrival

I'm thrilled my short horror script "Oyster Maniac" is one of 8 international selections in Wallachia's Festival competition. Any social media references to O.M. on their FB or Twitter, should boost the chances of skewering a win there in the shadows of Vlad's castle. XO, LL

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Massoud Heydarian


Lesley Lillywhite

Greatly appreciated. It's fun knowing "Oyster Maniac" is enjoying October attention in Romania !!

Pamela Bolinder


Edward Toles

Great Job.

Sophia Natania Rubin

heck yeah!

Philip Sedgwick
Short Film Premiere

A quick trip to Douglas, Arizona tomorrow for the premiere of EL BURRITO COWBOY SAVES DOUGLAS ARIZONA at the historic Gadsden Hotel. This short film is based on a TV show created by Alfonso Sahagun Casaus, also a videographer at one of Tucson's network stations. The project's design is to provide st...

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Rutger Oosterhoff

You two have a blast as always!!

Philip Sedgwick

It was an amazing trip! Thanks, Rutger.

Cumberlain Rattlesnake

Been to Douglas Az... Beautiful old western town! Make sure you visit Bisbee, too! The copper mine tour is amazing. Plus, just walking the old town is amazing. … …. and … CONGRATS!!!

Philip Sedgwick

Hey Cumberlain, We've done Bisbee. My partner is from Douglas and we frequent Cochise County... and other AZ counties as well. Why more people don't shoot her is beyond me... lack of tax credit notwithstanding. We offer so much.

Cumberlain Rattlesnake

Hi, Philip, good to hear from you. We got a kick out of Douglas! It's a different and ALIVE bordertown. Take a look at my Gat Finger … maybe a re-write for Bisbee/Douglas is a possibility.

Donnalyn Vojta
JUST SOLD my paranormal horror short! The Visitor

Stage 32 provided me with a place to showcase my loglines and film synopses, and, sure enough, the placement paid off! I highly recommend Stage32 to any writers seeking to sell their original scripts. The Visitor is set for production in 2020 by Atton Films Entertainment and director, C'airra Cortex.

Richard Gustason

That is awesome.

Sharon Hankins


Vital Butinar

Waw! Congratulations! That is one great achievement.

David H.

Congratulations, Donnalyn :)!

JP Parra


Philip Sedgwick
OTRO LADO a FINALIST and to screen in Berkshire Short Film Festival

The short film I penned, OTRO LADO, today received its twelfth film festival acceptance. The film is a finalist in the Berkshire Short Film Festival and will screen (details tbd) on 28 September in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. What makes this extra special sauce for me... Pittsfield is where I was bor...

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Berkshire Short Film Festival | Home | Pittsfield, MA
Berkshire Short Film Festival | Home | Pittsfield, MA
The Berkshires are a year-round destination known for their world class arts and culture with the Philharmonic Orchestra and John Williams at Tanglewood every summer and Oscar, Tony and Emmy award-win…
Philip Sedgwick

Thanks, Jeff and Amy. Appreciate it.

Rachel Paul

Well done!

Leya Marincic

Nice.... Congratulations :)

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, Leya and Rachel.

Pamela Bolinder

Nice! Congrats!

Gig Ends. Gig Begins.

To keep bread on the table as a screenwriter, they say you need to 'stack projects,' i.e., as one gig is ending, you need the next one gearing up. Fortunately, that has happened. I've been hired again to write a feature. The contract is signed. Deposit received. Yay!

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Rachel Paul

Well done!

Joseph F. Alexandre

Congrats mate:)

Jack Binder

Congratulations Phil!

Derek Reid


Phil Parker

Thank you, everyone! It's a battle finding work most times, so I'm thrilled when it does happen :)

Maggie Grant
SO ECSTATIC!!! WeTV requested TWO of my TV projects!

Materials requested by Angela Molloy WeTv for 2 projects!! Thank you Stage 32, Brandon, Joey, RB and the whole amazing team at Stage 32! This would NEVER have happened without the opportunities that you give us at Stage 32! Thank you for all that you do for us!

Emma J Steele

Fantastic, Maggie, congratulations on both requests! Good luck with the reads.

Evelyn von Warnitz

Great! Good luck!

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