Success Stories: FEB'5 #1 Winner in the Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest

Matthew Skala

#1 Winner in the Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest I am privileged to include "Fashionista Daddy" in my new commercial reel. This little commercial that could, aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. It won 1st prize against 4700 qualified entries in the Doritos ad contest, and placed 4th against all the Super Bowl Ads on the USA Today Ad meter. The top three are from major ad firms representing Anheuser-Busch, Tide, & RAM. Additionally, it was the highest rated 30 second commercial and has been featured on major network news, tv shows, radio, and press including the Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Kelly Ripa, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, & NPR. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful production team as the Director of Photography. Thank you Director Mark Frieburger, Producer Nathan Scoggins, Producer Nate Daniels, Writer/Producer Gabe Trevino for inviting me to be a part of the project. Thank you Pierce Cook for providing and operating your RED EPIC Camera and Cooke Lenses. Thanks to the rest of the crew for their passion and professionalism in making this a quality product capable of standing out amongst the rest. And much gratitude to my family, friends and colleagues whom supported the commercial online.

Shelby Thomas Chraska

Awesome, and congrats! I will be filming one for next year, hope to have the success you had.

Philip Sedgwick


JD Beales


Tiffy Diamond

That was really good, congrats!

Katherine Siegmeth

Congratulations! Great Spot. I also entered my spot "Nuts 4 Doritos." which I wrote, shot and produced by myself.

Chris H Stevenson

Fantastic achievement!

Hazel Dean

This is great! congrats!

Waliek Crandall

I loved it. Congrats.

Peter Campbell

Congrats Matthew! Well done - great ad.

Makenzy Glover

Matt, AWESOME! I voted for that commercial too! CONGRATS!!!

Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing


Nicole Wright

Love it! Congrats!

Jay Pulk

Nice job Matthew.

Chuck Dudley

Very talented Matthew! Good things are coming your way! Keep us posted!

Matthew Skala

Wow! you guys are awesome! Thanks for all the great comments! Very clever with the Squirl Katherine, Did you shoot that with your phone? Looks like I will be putting together a little article for you guys; looking behind the scenes of the commercial. If there is anything you are curious about please let me know by posting a comment. I will keep an eye on them as I write tonight. Also, I have almost 200 connection requests waiting for responses. I promise to get to them all eventually. THANKS!

Katherine Siegmeth

Yes I made the entire commercial on my i-phone. It was nerve wracking working with the squirrel. I love your commercial too.

Beka I Am

kudos to you! wow! and cuuuute commercial! :D

Sy Shanti


Jeremy Hunter

Great job on the commercial, the production value really added a lot to it.

Shannon Scarlett Murtagh

Wow, that's amazing, good for you

Kyle Vernor

This was my favorite commercial of the night! My friends and I were dying laughing! CONGRATULATIONS!

Richard "RB" Botto

Simply terrific, Matthew. Congratulations.

William Joseph Hill

Congratulations! I first saw this spot on the Facebook contest page and thought it was very clever and well done.

Beka I Am

worth watching a second and 3rd time as I'm doing now! :D

OriGiNaLsNoB Rose

Congratulations. I'm a big supporter of the shorts and films on Vimeo; there's always something worth checking out! Keep up the great work :o)

LB McGill

Congratulations! Great commercial!

Steve W Oatway

Fantastic, what a great honour in such a competitive field.

Huseyin Kuday

Congratulations Matthew. Great looking shots, great commercials.

Willard C Chase

REally nice use of scoring the specific comedic elements of the piece. If you are in Seattle let me know, I'd love to grab coffee and talk about my slate of projects. Cheers and congrats!

Janet Place

Congratulations - my favorite commercial too!

Hennely Jimenez

Congrats Matthew! That was really great!

Hennely Jimenez

By the way, I just got this Stage32 account today and not sure yet quite how to use it, seems easy enough though, and I wanted to introduce myself. I'm an actress in LA and would love to audition for any projects you all have in the works :) Thanks and I'm excited to be joining this community!

Matthew Skala

THANK YOU THANK YOU! I just finished brainstorming the article for you all. Its gonna be great!

Chris H Stevenson

Welcome aboard, Hennely. You'll get used to it around here. Plenty of provocative, helpful and courteous people to help you navigate and settle in.

Lisa Pearl

Awesome Matthew! Good For You...

Jennifer Lander

Congrats! Exciting for you!

Allison Bruning


Mark Ashworth

Congratulations Matthew ! I was involved with the 'Goat For Sale' commercial that placed 7th according to the USA Today Ad Meter. I picked yours as the other to be aired Superbowl night ! Congrats,Mark

Matthew Skala

More Thanks! Great job in 'Goat For Sale' Mark. We always considered that one our strongest competition :)

Erin Dooley

Nice work!

Matthew Skala

I am shooting a short this weekend in Los Angeles with locations downtown, Santa Monica, and Calabasas. If anyone wants to volunteer for some on-set experience and all that good stuff, let me know. Shoot will be on Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. Happy Valentines Day!

Virginia Shine


PJ Edwards


Johnny Praize Hernandez

Great Commercials!! Great Quality!!! Congrats & God bless!!!!

Karen Costa

haha so clever.

Chris H Stevenson

Awesome! Well deserved.

Robin Carpenter

Congrats Mathew! This is one of my favorite new commercials.

Mickey Gilmore

Well Deserved and many more to come

Lynn Julian

Nailed the message: guys will do anything for Doritos!

Gaby Garland

GREAT, so much work/so much imagination! Terrific job!

Gaby Garland

BTW, I did a Doritos commercial too: hope you like it!

Lars Davidson

Wow! Ggggggggreat reel, Matthew! I love the dog lips peeling back in the wind -- genius, man, just genius!

Matthew Skala

Nice work Gaby, I love the shot of the dog pushing the cart! Thanks Lars!

Matthew Skala

I didn't write this one, I was the DP. The writer was Gabe Trevino, and the idea came from a collaboration with the Director and Producer.

Tammy Kaitz

Great work Matthew! Shot really well - I remember that Dorito's commercial! I shot one the yr before (on my website I'm an LA actor. Hope our paths cross at some point!

Roman Battaglia

Very good work Matthew! If you ever need some music or some sound design, check out my website at

Wendy Michaels

funny as hell.

Penny Eizenga

I saw this commercial. I think the reason it resonates with people is the fact you created a real, heart warming story. Well done.

Deborah Roberts

this made me laugh well done

Blake Robbins

good stuff- i'm friends with sean o'hagan so i've acutually voted for this spot.

Sunny Chae

Very good.

Judy Mora

Hay Michael, I LOVE your spots! Especially the use of animals. We provide animals , specializing in HORSES, also owning Dogs, cats, Greyhounds( hardly dogs!) and Tame Lambys! A black one & a white one,quickly turning into tame Sheep! Call if you ever need a fair bid, or if you wana ride one! A horse not a Tame Lamby!! Judy (310) 961-1584 ps gotta wild ranch location in Malibu hills!

Matthew Skala

Thanks for letting me know Judy! And thanks for the great comments everyone!

Matthew Skala

Catherine - After a good script, A good crew with experience, After that, the most important thing is to have a good PR/marketing strategy for the commercial and to rally everyone on your team to be involved in getting people to watch and vote for the commercial.

Adela María Bolet

Awesome! continued success! and stay together with your creative team... its working!

Matthew Skala

Thanks Adela!

Gerardo Davila


Matthew Skala

Thanks Gerardo!

Janet Scott

Congratulations from me too.... really nicely done... enjoyed all.

Anna Elias

What a fun commercial. And so well lit and shot. Kudos!!!

Matthew Skala

More thanks! The commercial was just featured in USA Today this morning!

Diana de Rosa

Congratulations. Great job!

Mark Chandler Bailey

Cool spot, Matthew

Julia Parker

I loved this spot and it totally deserves it...CONGRATULATIONS!

J. Jim Hayes

Awesome! Except for the wedding dress now has to be dry-cleaned!

Julia Parker

LOL...that's what happens when you use what you have :)

Samantha Rivers Cole


Debbie Elicksen

Awesome. Sharing it on Facebook. :) Great work.

Matthew Skala

Yeah! the wedding dress was rented but we still had to be very careful not to get any Dorito dust on it, or buy the dress, or pay a cleaning fee. I believe the producers were able to avoid those extra expenses, yeah!

Matthew Skala

The director Mark Freiburger, is doing some Interviews as promotion for the 2014 competition. Here is one of them:

Mark Ratering

Did you shoot tht in Red? What wa your final spot's format. What format did you send the spot to the contest on

Matthew Skala

Yes, we shot on an Epic in 5K. I am not sure of the final delivery format, the editor took care of all that. It was most likely 1920x1080 HD pro-res 422, or something similar. The delivery specs for the contest will most likely be posted with all the rules and requirements for the upcoming competition.

Pat Savage

Congratulations! Great commercial! Awesome work great team assembled as you said!

Michele Cecchi

great job!!

Deborah Roberts

well done you must be as proud as punch

Jennifer Lynn

Loved it!

Mickey Gilmore


Sandra Smith-Doghmi

What a Deal Breaker!

Sandra Smith-Doghmi

I want to be like all you guys when I grow up!

Amaia Liza


J. Jim Hayes

This ad is one of the best ones!

Eliza Kelley

Beautifully done!

Veronica Taylor

CONGRATS, Matthew. :-)

Deborah Roberts

I love this little shoot she is so sweet & so easy to eat lol

Vincent Schilling

Nice work Matthew.

Diane Racine

This was an adorable commercial, Matthew. Congratulations!!!!

Stan Arrowood

"Is that my wedding dress?" " It could be". Loved it. And the tough looking guys sold it even more. Well done and congratulations.

Robert Woodard

Fabulous spot, Matthew. Congrats on the recognition for a job well done, sir!!

Laveda D. Rockford

I saw that contest when it came out... I thought about working on it, but was too busy at the time. Congratulations!

Eric Gyors

Sadly I missed the Super Bowl (the downside of living on the 'down side' of the globe) - but I loved your commercial, seriously good work - congratulations!

Vienna Avelares

Very, extremely impressed, CONGRATULATIONS.

Jeanette Smith Andersen

Nice job and congratulations.

Wayne Daye////////// Daylight

great job and congratulation sir

Wayne Daye////////// Daylight

sir please keep me in mind on your next casting project it would be an honor to work with you

Rich McKeown

Awesome!!!! Congrats bro!!!!

Wayne Daye////////// Daylight

blessings always bro

Diane Meyer


Erica Miner

Congrats, Matthew!

Erica Miner

I love that you used classical music as part of it. I used to be a violinist, so I'm always impressed with someone who has that savvy. ;-)

Nancy Garberson

Great Ad! I teach Marketing in an MBA program and we studied this commercial in class....great work!!!

Linda Summer

Congratulations! I adore creativity that knows no bounds.

Chris H Stevenson

Fantastic. A great accomplishment.

Adedapo Williams

I loved the creativity that did congratulations

Noriko M Kambara

wow beautiful!

Deborah Weed

What fun!

Wayne Daye////////// Daylight


Jolyn Janis

This is wonderful. Much congratulations it was recognized :)

Leontist Fizer

Congats Mattthew!

Deanna Scott

that commercial rocks and is so realistic! AWESOME!

Paul Coughlan

Good for you out-sporting those giants. The little commercial that could...did.

Derek Williams

This is superb work. Congratulations Matthew!

Bill Kautz


Verde Dionne

Hey Matthew, I don't have cable TV and the other day I went over my friends house and she had MTV on, and your Dorito commercial came on. I was like, wait a minute....I just saw this on Stage 32...Congratulations

Paul Farrell

Big congrats to you man!

Wayne Daye////////// Daylight

blessings buddy/////////////

Julie Young

I love this commercial!

Susan D. Meyer

Great commercial! Congratulations! We are going to need awesome commercials like this for CortiSLIM and EX3 Energy! ;-)

Denia Skinner

I feel like I've worked with someone on that...who did wardrobe for you guys? It all looks great- congragulations

Keverne Eason Mapp

Very nice work!

Anna Elias

Just saw this on cable TV in FL over the weekend. Was so happy for you!

Justin Kuhn

Great work!

Manfred Bortoli

Good job !

Randall Thomasson

Simple but brilliant. :^)

Tanya Christiansen

love this! congrats!

Jennifer Lynn

Congratulations. This was so much fun to watch.

Taylor Morrison

LOVE IT.. congratulations

Stephanie Glamack

So funny. I loved it! Thanks for sharing. Great commercials are hard to come by. Now I know where to go when I am ready to capture the audience.

Deidre Ann Johnson

I'm sitting here drinking coffee, laughing out loud! What a funny spot!

Hope Mackenzie Perry

☆Congratulations☆ That is really good that you won. We watched it so we know why it won it was very very very good. Thank you for making such a great commercial. I hope to one day be in such a great commercial. The little girl is very cute. Thank you, Hope MacKenzie Perry. If you could take a minute to check out my website I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Diana Dilee Maher

Hilarious great job! :) Congrats!

Ozzie Stewart


Hope Mackenzie Perry

It is so funny. It reminds me of me & my dad. I remember seeing that commercial. Awesome job. Great actors too. The little girl was so cute. Did you do the casting for the commercial? If so good job. Love Hope

Luis Centeno

Really nice and funny. I like it a lot

Carlen Portee'

Haaaa! Men will do anything for a Dorito!

Tommy Bull

Great Job. Very Funny

Aaron Cadam Samuels

Very clever, Matthew! I'd love to work with you on your next project.!videos

Matthew Skala

Thanks for continuing these comments! Its always encouraging to see these pop up in my e-mail! :)

Randall Thomasson


Anja Meyer

hilarious! very well done :)

Cheryll Thompson Ganzel

I love that commercial!

Nadja Gasser

Love it. Just great.

Sonia Apodaca-Harms


Denise Adamo


Kenya Williams


Justice Born Allah

Congrats I know a few people who entered the competition. Nice work.

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi

Me gusta mucho!

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi

Nice, Ilove it!

Judy Mora

Cute catchy spot! Still... If you need animals ( especially horses/ ponies!) We even have AN IDEA for Doritos' Add! Can't tell u here, call (310) 961-1584 or I may have to figure out my HD camera from Shop NBC , then shoot it myself! Ha, Best,Judy

Matthew Skala

Hi Judy, tell me more about yourself :)

Diana de Rosa

I'm in NY and we have horses, minis, chickens, a pig, goats and more.

Judy Mora

I provide animals , specializing in Horses , we own 20! Located in Malibu( hills) , with a rural ranch 'location'. I love and Music videos. Just did 2 for AT&T ( AT&T Latin America Talk & Text) with my Palomino .Have done LOTS of car spots, Toyota, lexis, nissan, Cadillac, Videos include Snoop Dogg , Metalica,and our 30 Seconds to Mars' Kings and Queens WON Rock n Roll Video of the Year!!! We also compete in Show Jumpers and Team Sorting, Barrel Racing. We own hounds ,cats, tame sheep, and are PASSIONATE bout our work! But allways need more!! Hay is expensive, J

Gaby Garland

I was in two Doritos competitions and the guys were great! They were going to do one, then added another because I was such a QUICK study! Paws UP! here's the links: I've also appeared with 1Direction, Simon Cowell and on BEVERLY HILLS PAWN within last few months! I'm an "only child" doggie, my Mom is my agent! :) AND I'm available!

Gaby Garland

HI MATTHEW, thanks for your note, what would you like to know? :)

No Le Picante

wow, they let u do that with the Miami Hurricanes logo on?? I thought u couldn't have another paraphernalia or logos on in your submission.

Debra Bennett

Thanks Matthew - I hadn't seen that. It's refreshing, engaging and has wide appeal. Keep it up!

Scott Laird Berg

Laughed out loud!!! What a great project to have been part of... congrats and continued success now and in the New Year!

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi

Grat!! Meilleurs vœux pour une Nouvelle Année pleine de surprises et beaucoup d'amour. Tanti Auguri di un Anno Nuovo pieno di sorprese e tanto amore Best wishes for a New Year full of surprises and lots of love Mis mejores deseos para un Año Nuevo lleno de sorpresas y mucho amor

Kelly Ann Barrett

Love it! #Congrats! I've seen it on TV!

Paul Singh

Sweat I thought this was so falling out of my chair funny. Awesome job, loved the twist, you deserved the win.

Stephen Ossias

I saw it on TV before seeing it here. Fantastic! Hilarious! What a great achievement!

Peter Butler

Great ad, I can see why it won. Congratulations to you and the rest of the team!

David M Beach

it is indeed a great commercial. Been in a few of the entrees.... a lot of fun, and tough work. But, as you know.. sometimes it really pays off.

Randall Thomasson

I recently saw it on The History Channel. :^)

Okitchy Robertson

This was an awesome commercial! Great job to you and your team!

Shaun V. Scott

Very nice!

Justin Kapr

I work at Pepsi, so I saw all the new Super Bowl commercials at our Super Bowl PEP Rally today. It's nice to see the ones from last year. Doritos was #1. Cool. A Pepsi product mind you. =D

Matthew Skala

Denia, The wardrobe was compiled by the director and producer and Lucy Bruckner.

Matthew Skala

Its overwhelming how these comments keep coming, Thank You!!

Valerie Michele Oliver

So happy for you, Matt! Thanks for the smile you have put on my face this morning. :-)

Diane M. Leach

Congradulations, on your win, that was the Best Commercial last year!!

Bill Beatts

Congratulations Matthew and well done for the award .. Bill

Lisa Duffy

Congratulations, Matthew! Great work!

Meagan Christine Laughlin


Ramjasha Rhodes


Kendal Brenneman

hehe. congratulations!

Narrissa Iraia

I loved this

J. Jim Hayes

This is an absolutely fantastic commercial!

Kimberly Perdue-Sims

LOVE IT!! I see exactly why it won!! Congratulations!

Sarianna Gregg

So funny - CONGRATS!!!

Richie Holland

well done!

Jaime Perez-Cadena


Matthew Skala

Thanks all!

Louise Luster

Congratulations! Great job!

Jonathan Alexander Green

I love the Doritos commercials they were so funny. Keep up the good work.

Rosa Callier

The Doritos commercial was awesome. Continued success.

Diane Lansing

Love this commercial! Told a story with heart and humor in very little time, well done!

Wendy Rostker

Viewed & loved this spot, but to now know it's development makes it very special. You were rightly awarded the opportunity to have it chosen, you had a great vision and set your intentions to the success you achieved. Kudos.

Keith Lopez

Very nice:)

Mikki Hall

Very cool

Elizabeth Ann O'Brien

great reel.

Kevin O'Brien

Welcome x

Reece Elisabeth

That is awesome congrats!

J.D. Wright


Dorothy Knight


Chris Tevebaugh

Awesome I just worked with pierce cook! What a cool guy.

Josh Barkey

Pierce Cook is a bearded wonder, with a bald-spot of gold. I mean, a heart of gold. Yeah, that.

Matthew Skala

Yes he is!! How do you know Pierce, Josh?

Josh Barkey

Hmm. Pierce rooms with Austin Herring, who's one of my best buds. He also worked on FORK, which was the first short I ever wrote.

Nyree Symon'e


John Grove Voice Actor

Awesome work! A Big Congratulations to all:~))

L. Renee Boyd

Excellent job Matthew! (and all the rest of the crew). That one was really great. My friends and I entered the 2011 Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest. It was called "Day of The Dorito" We weren't in the finals and I don't know where we ranked, but it was a blast working on the project.

Matthew Skala

Thats a clever one! Thanks for your kind words and for watching Renee

Matthew Skala

Josh - Ah yes I have met Austin, good people!

Daniela Gotta

Congratulations :-)

Jennifer Brenner

Great job - CONGRATULATIONS! and keep going :)

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi

Great ! Comgrats!

Bettye Zoller


Jessica Devlin

Awesome reel! Would love to work with you one day!

Matthew Skala

Thanks Jessica! you can stay current on my work by signing up for my newsletter from my website at

Jeff C. Zarinelli

congratulations! I am also currently working on my (acting) reel... I've got a very exciting project coming up with the talented Jennifer Karum... Keep up the great work!

Matthew Skala

Jeff--thanks for bringing this back, great memories! Good luck on the project and keep me up to

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