Success Stories: AUG'2 2 Requests for THE DO-OVER!

2 Requests for THE DO-OVER!

Joey, where would I be without you & HAPPY WRITERS! Daniel Vang of BENDERSPINK just requested for my Wish Fulfillment Gone Wrong Comedy, THE DO-OVER. That's two requests in two days! Yeah!

John Cruz Alarid

Congratulations! Did you pitch both scripts during one pitch session or two? Best wishes always.

Bradford Richardson

Hey, John. I always just pitch one script per session now. I tried pitching 2 scripts once and it was a disaster because the Exec. lost track of which script was which.

John Cruz Alarid

Yeah, they do get overwhelmed with so many folks pitching. I recently attended a pitch fest in Hollywood. Pitching on story made it a much easier process for me.

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