Success Stories: JAN'12 2014 year tally

Kieron Holland

2014 year tally

Hi everyone, I just did my 2014 tally and wanted to share it with everyone. I joined stage 32 in August 2014 and from then until the end of the year I pitched 62 times and had 17 script requests! So thank you Joey and stage 32 for making this possible! Fingers crossed one of these leads develops into an even bigger success story!!

Helena Ellison

Thanks for sharing Kieron, and congrats! How many scripts are you pitching and do you see any trends in what gets requested more? (In regards to genre and/or concept)?

Shawn Speake

Wow! That's energy! You're a beast, Kieron! Keep on getting it and keep us posted, please.

Emma J Steele

Wow! That's fantastic. Everything crossed that something comes of at least one of the pitches!

Kieron Holland

Thanks everyone. To answer the question of scripts, I am predominantly pitching 2 script, and occasionally four others. The scripts I am pitching are both big budget period pieces so that eliminates a lot of companies but clearly not all :)

Amanda Toney

AWESOME Kieron best of luck!!

Suzanne Lutas

Huge congrats Kieron! Hope you'll live your success story in 2005!

Nicole Eilers

Congrats, Kieron!

Georgia Hilton

congrats! how many options closed and how many purchases ?

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