Success Stories: DEC'19 A Pass Doesn't Mean It's Bad

A Pass Doesn't Mean It's Bad

2 Requests so far...From companies that I did not expect. Shows you how sometimes what you think someone might like, often may not be the case. I am thankful for the requests. But a LOT of passes. There was one company that I very much wanted them to consider the project. It was right up their alley, but it was a pass. However, another company requested it, perhaps because in that particular worked for them. I am starting to realize that even when someone passes, its not necessary because they think its not going to work. It's because it doesn't work for them at this time. Also, talk about practice. The more I do it, the more confident I get. And I'm proud that so far I have been able to answer every single question. It does make you wonder though. When you do such an awesome job at a pitch and they still don't request it...that's proof right there, that it just doesn't work for the company, in that MOMENT.

Phil Parker

It is quite the learning experience isn't it Elizabeth? I've had a similar experience to you so far - lots of no - but I have scored some yes from a handful of others. I liken it to dating in so many ways, minus the bottle of wine :-)

Phil Parker

I totally agree with Kat. I am strangely drawn to the whole pitching thing now - doing it live especially. I'm one of those introverts who suddenly loves to ham it up in front of a camera, so I guess pitching via Skype is perfect for me hahaha

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