Success Stories: APR'29 A foot in the door?

Johnathan Burns

A foot in the door?

Thanks to the Stage 32 Pitch sessions, my script received 4/5 across the board and a script request! Yes, I know that's not getting through the door but it is a foot in and it's confirmation of my work being at least good enough to gain attention. Celebrating the little victories!

Myriam B

It sure is! congratulations and keep us posted!

Jaye Adams

Look forward to seeing more and hearing more of your successes! Hell yeah celebrate your wins!

John Mezes

That's a big accomplishment! Proud of you, Jonathan! Best of luck, keep us posted!

James Welday

Congrats, Johnathan! That's great news!

Louisa Kendrick Burton

That’s wonderful! Certainly a step in the right direction. Congratulations!!!

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