Success Stories: MAR'3 An optioned project

Philip Sedgwick

An optioned project

Today an option was completed for my family-friendly Christmas western, Christmas at Cascabel Gulch, with a Stage 32 member. Development details are being sorted and more news about this fun, inspiring project will be forthcoming.

Phil Parker

Congratulations! That's great to hear!

Helena Ellison

Happy for you Philip! That's really awesome :)

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, Helena and Phillip. Would love to shoot this in Old Tucson... and head home every night.

Eric Westlake

That's great Philip!

Emma J Steele

Fantastic, Philip, congratulations!

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks E & E. Long way to go, but a strong first step.

Laurie Ashbourne

Sounds really fun! Congratulations, can't wait to hear the progression.

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks Aarthi and Laurie. Worked hard on getting three good things in one place... Christmas, a western and family-friendly. Old Tucson, where we hope to shoot, is wonderful!

Philip Sedgwick

Many thanks, Kathryn and Charlyvia!

Lawrence R. Kotkin

Now that deserves an applause. (Claps)

William G Chandler Jr

Congratulations Philip.

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