Success Stories: AUG'3 And the tenth request arrived!

Suzanne Lutas

And the tenth request arrived!

Last time I talked about my pitching experience I counted seven requests. Then the eighth arrived with Gotham Group! As I was asked to post about it, I felt that I should do some extra pitches to reach TEN. That's what I did, and in a few days, I got requested by Tea Shop & Film and Safran companies. I really feel ecstatic! I can only recommend Stage 32 and Happy writers to all those writers who are still making cold calls and queries to join this amazing community. Thus they'll benefit from all those opportunities we are given to reach top executives from major Production Companies so easily. I'll never say enough how lucky we are to have this incredible team on our side!

Cheing Winston

Best of luck to you celebrate your success..

Suzanne Lutas

Thank you so much Cheing, I really appreciate it!

Stacy Baker Masand

congrats and good luck with your script!

Suzanne Lutas

Many thanks Stacy!

Amanda Toney

So Happy for you Suzanne! That's an amazing accomplishment- I hope you're celebrating! Keep us updated and best of luck :)

Lilo Zarate

I agree! Being that I'm from NC/the opposite side of the country, I've lacked motivation for putting my projects together. But i have to say, this site has definitely put an enormous amount of fire up under my butt. Proves that it could happen. Best of luck Suzanne, I'm happy for you!

Suzanne Lutas

Thank you Shannon. I'll certainly celebrate when I hear from them, and even more if the news is good. I won't forget to keep you updated ;-)

Suzanne Lutas

Many thanks Lilo, good to hear from you. Hope the fire is still burning under your butt? Never give up! :D

Keith Rafalko

That is awesome Suzanne! Truly happy for you!

Suzanne Lutas

Thank you so much Keith. Best of luck with your own endeavours!

Suzanne Lutas

Congratulations Michelle & Leon for your successful pitches. You make an incredible team. Really wish you reached 10 soon. Best of luck!

John Cruz Alarid

Fantastic news! Are the requests all for the same script? Or did you pitch several story ideas? Keep up posted.

Suzanne Lutas

Yes, they're all for the same script. I won't forget to keep you posted John. All the best!

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